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One Year Anniversary
Miles McPherson - August 24, 2008

Message Recap

If you can believe it, this week the Rock Church celebrates it one year anniversary at our permanent home in Point Loma

The story of how God spoke to Pastor Miles about moving to this location is truly amazing, and has come to fruition. This week Pastor Miles wanted us to be reminded of our mission as a church body.

Mission statement: The Rock Church exists to save, equip and send out soul-winners for Jesus Christ.

1. Save! the establishment of an eternal, grace-based relationship of submission to Jesus

John For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Pastor Miles did something unique this week by bringing out three group leaders to share their testimonies. First came Mike, the leader of the Surf Ministry.

Though he described some of what the Surf Ministry does, his own story was rather a powerful one. Mike's mother conceived him when she was 16 and intended to give him up for adoption. However, once Mike was born and his great-grandparents visited him and his mother in the hospital, they made eye contact with the infant Mike and felt they were supposed to keep him. So Mike's mother took her baby away to be with her grandparents and raise him in their Christian household.

At age 14, Mike rebelled for four years, getting involved in drugs, sex, and the like. Yet even with all that going on in his life, someone shared the gospel with him and, remembering all the Christian teachings he had learned throughout his childhood, Mike made a decision to follow Jesus.

2. Equip! the process of being prepared to introduce someone to Christ

And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2

Parker came next, a young kid who had always seemed to be in trouble from high school and beyond. In fact, he graduated with a 1.67 GPA, fifth from the bottom of his class. Parker was also into drugs before coming to San Diego from LA where he was partying and living it up.

Then someone told him about the Rock and he started coming to hear the gospel. But aside from attending church on Sunday, the rest of his weekends were spent partying.

After a time, Parker took another small step and starting reading the Bible daily, but soon he found that wasn't enough either. So Parker decided to truly give his life over to the Lord. He got involved in small groups and now runs a ministry that is changing the lives of many youths daily.

3. Send! the act of bringing the gospel good news into a spiritually dark situation

For those of you who are already saved, be equipped to go out and impact San Diego for Christ.

Finally, Teresa came out with her fascinating story.

Teresa grew up in an alcoholic home where she sought her father's attention with good grades, but failed to impress him. Seeking to earn a living, she eventually began dancing at a strip club where she made a good amount of cash. From there, she danced in Las Vegas where the money was a lot better.

Eventually, Teresa moved up to escort serves where she was pulling in some $350,000 a year. But even though she had money, Teresa felt as if she were losing her own soul in the process, so she prayed to God to get her out of the life she had created. While waiting for the answer, she began to preach the gospel to the "johns" that hired her.

Eventually, Teresa's estranged father called her and she went home to change her life.

Now Teresa, along with Shirley Brown, runs JC's Girls; a ministry of women who take the gospel to strip clubs in order to reach other girls in bad situations.

Pastor Miles put the call out to all of us to make this next year even more powerful. For those of you who are already saved, be equipped to go out and impact San Diego for Christ.

This Message

Today the Rock celebrates one year in their new building, revisiting the mission of the Rock to impact San Diego for Jesus Christ.

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