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Throne - Part 1, Throne Home
Miles McPherson - November 2, 2008

Message Recap

Before we started into today's message, Pastor Miles talked about The Call, Saturday's 13-hour prayer event at Qualcomm Stadium.

Pastor Miles wanted to point out that praying for thirteen hours may seem almost impossible, but prayer isn't something that we conveniently squeeze in here and there. As Christians, we need to take our own personal time and pray so that we can really communicate with God.

Pastor Miles is starting to work on the book of 2nd Samuel. Here is a quick overview of what happened in the Bible so far:

  • Genesis: Creation of everything, ending with the Jews' arrival in Egypt
  • Exodus: Jews leave Egypt and wander in the desert for 40 years
  • Leviticus: Rules God gave to the Jews
  • Numbers: Counting of the Jews
  • Deuteronomy: Creation of the Ten Commandments
  • Joshua: Moses's apprentice Joshua leads the people into the land God had promised them
  • Judges: Jews are ruled by God's chosen judges, but the people want a king instead
  • Ruth: Love story of the faithful Ruth and Boaz
  • 1 Samuel: Chronicles of Saul, King of Israel (who was jealous of and sought to kill David, his successor)

Throne - the symbol and location of the king's power

Now we come to 2 Samuel. The evil king Saul has just died and David - the same David who killed the giant Goliath - is about to take the throne.

1. Place God's throne in the center of all that you do.

We have to pray, meditate and consider what God wants us to do when we deal with our finances, our children, our work, everything

In 2 Samuel, King David moved his own throne from Hebron to Jerusalem. The reason for this was to place the throne closer to the center of the kingdom. Hebron, where David first became king, is in South Judah, which was only tribe that accepted his reign initially. Though Jerusalem is still in Judah, it is closer the center of the entire kingdom, giving greater access to its people.

We must put God in the center of our lives and consider Him first, as David put his throne in the center of the kingdom. This does not mean to simply pray and read your Bible first thing in the morning, and then you're finished. God comes first in all things. We have to pray, meditate and consider what God wants us to do when we deal with our finances, our children, our work, everything.

2. Honor His throne.

This is a given when it comes to real thrones, as usually people bow to show their respect. But because we don't physically see God's throne, we often forget to honor it. His glory deserves constant praise and adoration.

3. We need to protect the throne

When King David moved his throne, he chose to move it to a city on a mountain. The city itself was surrounded by a wall, which the residents bragged could defend the city even in the hands of their blind, beggars and lame (2 Samuel 5:8). David was a powerful king with a very strong army, but he took the stronghold and essentially protected himself and his throne from attack. We do this with our children, our money, our homes, but rarely defend God's throne. We need to protect our faith and keep the stronghold sturdy, as there are those who will try to defeat it.

By doing all three of these things, we are opening the doors for God's blessings to us.


This 9-part series explores the theme of King David's throne and kingdom, as it has valuable Biblical and life lessons for us today. A throne is a symbol of a king's power. Today we look at the importance of God's throne at the center of all that we do.

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