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Throne - Part 2, Throne Home
Miles McPherson - November 9, 2008

Message Recap

Have you ever wondered why, even though you seem to do all the right things biblically, you are not blessed with the benefits you see other believers having?

This week message reveals that we must not only do the right things, but do them God's way.

Last week we saw David conquer Jerusalem to make a central and protected home for his throne. David needed not only a place for his throne, but the power of God behind it. So it is with us also. We need more than the information or appearance of Christianity (such as our church clothes, our Bibles, or our habits), but we need the power of God in our lives.

In the time of King David, the presence of the Ark was the surest way to secure God's favor. Therefore, it was David's first priority. However, David did not consult God as to the ark's proper handling before bringing it to Jerusalem. Pastor Miles revealed three reasons why bringing the ark into the holy city ended, not in a blessing, but a curse.

1. Respect the method of God.

David did not inquire of the Lord - that was one of his mistakes. The ark carried evidence of God's principles, power, provision, and His actual presence. Because of this, God had given very specific instructions as to how it should be handled. If not carried properly, the carrier would die - and this is exactly what happened. While on its way to the city, the cart carrying the ark stumbled, so Uzzah reached out to keep the ark from falling. Because Uzzah touched the ark and was not of the family of the Levites, he died. Numbers 4

God governs the world by all kinds of rules and systems. These systems deserve not only our interest and study (such as scientific systems), but our respect. If God's rules are violated, something dies. God has told us that sin causes death, so when we sin, something dies, such as our relationships, our health, our hope, etc. God created the systems and the rules, and they deserve our respect.

2. Respect the glory of God.

I am the LORD who brought you up out of Egypt to be your God; therefore be holy, because I am holy. Leviticus 11:45

Holiness means that you set yourself aside just for God and you do things God's way.

Every good thing you have is a blessing from God. You need to give credit to him that you are here today, that you can communicate, or simply that you are alive. Don't take credit for what god has done in your life - give Him the glory!

3. Respect the faithfulness of God.

God is big and holy and He has told us in advance how powerful His holiness is

You may ask, "How could God be so mean as to kill Uzzah?" but God is not mean. He is faithful to His Word. God's "yes" means "yes" and His "no" means "no."

God is big and holy and He has told us in advance how powerful His holiness is. Pastor Miles likened this to playing with an elephant. An elephant is so huge and powerful, it could crush you with one bump.

David admits that the first time he brought the ark, he didn't do it correctly, and it was for this reason that Uzzah died.

He said to them, "You are the heads of the Levitical families; you and your fellow Levites are to consecrate yourselves and bring up the ark of the LORD, the God of Israel, to the place I have prepared for it. It was because you, the Levites, did not bring it up the first time that the LORD our God broke out in anger against us. We did not inquire of him about how to do it in the prescribed way." 1 Chronicles 15:12-12

God wants to bless you, but you have to live His way. He wants to give you power over everything that holds you down.

DO Something! Identify if you are violating one of these principles against the Word of God. Describe how and then fix it and watch the blessing flow your way.


This 9-part series explores the theme of King David's throne and kingdom, as it has valuable Biblical and life lessons for us today. Following the story of King David, the importance of respecting and obeying God's ways is established.

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