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Throne - Part 3, The Covenant of the Throne
Miles McPherson - November 16, 2008

Message Recap

This week Miles is continuing on the journey through 2 Samuel, focusing on the throne of Israel.

To review...

By the hand of God leading them, the Jews left Egypt in the book of Exodus. The twelve Jewish tribes wandered through the wilderness for forty years, carrying the Ark of the Covenant, where God presides. The Ark was kept in the holy of holies within the tabernacle. The Jews had established themselves in the land God promised them, but they had not built a permanent place for the Ark. So after 300 years of rule by judges, the first king of Israel, Saul, was appointed. Now in 2 Samuel, the great king David has taken the throne to rule Israel. Here we come to the second of three contracts, or covenants, made between God and Israel.

1. Covenant (Land)

This is the Palestinian Covenant (because it was done in the land of Palestine) in Deuteronomy 10:1-10, wherein God promises a land to his chosen people.

2. Davidic Covenant (Seed)

This is the covenant that God makes with King David, promising that the future and eternal heir to His throne will be from the house of David.

3. New Covenant (Blessings)

This is the current covenant that applies to all believers, establishing our salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Today's message is centered on the second covenant, but first Miles pointed out two important things concerning these contracts. First, God always keeps his promises. He always has and He always will. Secondly, contracts like these always outline the price and terms therein. If you recall the early lessons that Miles gave us on Deuteronomy, choosing to break the terms of a contract with God will bring about consequences.

The Davidic Covenant relates to our relationship with Jesus, as Miles explained today.

Though Jesus is a descendent of David, He died for all our sins

1. David's throne will always have someone from His House.

When you read the first book of the New Testament, you'll see a genealogy of David's family from Abraham all the way to Jesus. (This is why Jesus was also called the Son of David.) Though Jesus is a descendent of David, He died for all our sins. This means that we can all participate as members of the house of God.

2. David's throne will have authority over an actual kingdom.

And your house and your kingdom shall be established forever before you. Your throne shall be established forever. 2 Samuel 7:16

This verse tells us that the kingdom of Jesus, or His house, will be established forever for us to enter if we accept Him as our savior.

3. David's throne will be eternal.

Not only are we invited to the house of our Lord, but it is there forever. Imagine a place made perfectly just for us - a place that will remain forever for us to enjoy. That is God's will for us.


This 9-part series explores the theme of King David's throne and kingdom, as it has valuable Biblical and life lessons for us today. Today we look at the second covenant God made with Israel, promising an eternal heir to David's throne.

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