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Throne - Part 6, Throne to the Wolves
Miles McPherson - December 14, 2008

Message Recap

Everyone in leadership will have enemies. Some will be your close friends, while others will never even meet you.

Enemies can band together, talk behind your back, attack your integrity, and undermine your authority, but in the end, they will not be blessed. Keep following the Lord and do not be discouraged by them; if God is for you, then they cannot defeat you.

As we read through 2 Samuel, Pastor Miles is examining King David’s throne and how it relates to us. As you will recall, King David was appointed king of Israel and was a man after God’s heart until one day while on the roof of his palace, he saw a woman named Bathsheba and fell in lust with her.  Though she was married to another man, David slept with Bathsheba, which led to further sin.  As a result, God was displeased and problems ensued for King David. (For the entire story, read 2 Samuel 11). In Chapter 13, David’s son Amnon raped his half-sister Tamar. Tamar’s brother Absalom then killed Amnon (v. 8) and quickly left the scene. Now we skip ahead three years when Absalom returns and wants to claim the throne.

1. "Let me tell you what the King/God should have done."

In 2 Samuel 15:1-3, we find Absalom standing at the gates of the city, bad-mouthing the king in a very subtle way. As people arrive to have their lawsuits decided by the king, Absalom smooth-talks them, saying, “If I were judge I would…”
Satan uses this same tactic on us in an attempt to win us over. Many times God does things in our lives that are difficult for us.  Even though He does these things in our best interest, we are often disheartened and run like spoiled children to listen to the one who tells us only what we want to hear.

2. "Let me tell you what I/Satan would do if I were king."

As 2 Samuel 15:4 tells us, this exactly the type of thing Absalom was saying.

We have to be extremely wary of anyone who criticizes others and claims to be better than they are. For example, a politician will usually tell you only the good things s/he is planning, not the things you won’t like.  Be careful not to believe someone’s promises without hearing the whole story.

As an example, Pastor Miles reminded the church that he encourages everyone to volunteer in a ministry.  Serving can be rewarding, fun, and bring many blessings of its own, but it is not all fun and easy.  Before signing up, we must be aware that ministry also involves hard work and sacrifice.

3. "Follow me!  I just crowned myself king."

Now in verses that follow, people begin to worship Absalom as king, bowing down before him. 

The devil wants to bestow this same type of false glory upon us. By separating us from God and building up our pride, he weaves our thoughts to believe that we don’t need God.  But we should deny this glory and be humble in everything, as God is our provider in every way.

4. Decide today if you want to follow Absalom or David.

We can’t have what we want and have God at the same time.

We can’t have what we want and have God at the same time. As leaders, Christian or otherwise, we will face critics who belittle us and attack our integrity. But as followers, we also have to remember that a leader may use appealing words without necessarily being right; therefore following that person is not right either. 

As a parent, you wouldn’t give your children candy for dinner just because they don’t like healthy food. An employer wouldn’t pay his employee if he skipped work simply because he didn’t feel like going. Doing the right thing usually isn’t easy, but in the end, the easy thing always has a more expensive price.


This 9-part series explores the theme of King David's throne and kingdom, as it has valuable Biblical and life lessons for us today. Through the story of Absalom, we are reminded that easy way is not always right way.

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