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POT3NTIAL - Part 4, State of the Union Address
Miles McPherson - February 8, 2009

Message Recap

Failing to plan is planning to fail. If the Lord does not build the house, they who build labor in vain. But if you have a plan to build a house designed by the Lord, no one can stop you.

When the president gives a state of the union address, his purpose isn't simply to report on national happenings, but on what he plans to do. It may seem strange for a church to have a state of the union address, but Pastor Miles' purpose here is the same; any organization, be it a church, a business or even a family, should have clear set goals and a purpose. Today's message addresses the goals and purposes of the Rock Church. Though a state of the union is given once a year, a mission statement should be available at all times. Read the Rock's here!

Pastor Miles founded the Rock Church in order to have an impact on San Diego and around the world. The Rock is the second-fastest growing church in the nation, and with that growth come many responsibilities. Over the next three years, the Rock wants to complete 2 million hours of DO Something service, beginning with 600,000 hours in 2009. When we divide that number by the number of people attending church, it comes out to only 2 hours per week per person.

To review, Miles just finished a series on the preciousness of our time, talents and treasures and how to use them wisely and in a God-honoring way.

1. Time - the progression of your existence

We all have 168 hours in each week, nothing more, nothing less. Donating 2 of those hours in ministry to San Diego can make us a lighthouse to this great city.

2. Talent - unique expression of Holy Spirit power

We have a large church with many talents that can change the world for the better, serve our fellow men and women, and honor our Lord. It is important that we use our strengths to their fullest rather than trying to do many other things that are not in our gifting. For example, if you have the gift of teaching, your talent may reach many learners in a powerful way. But if your gift is prayer, then you pray and let the teachers teach! Each person should serve in an area where she or he can have the greatest impact.

3. Treasure - That which has exchangeable value

Pastor Miles pointed out that if the 12,000 people who call the Rock their home church each gave $10 a week more than what they currently give, the total would come to $6.2 million a year. Using that money could do incredible things for San Diego.

Going to church and listening to a sermon is nice, but that isn't what God has called us to do.

God has always made it clear that we are to reach out to our fellow people because nobody else will. Miles encouraged everyone to join a ministry suited to his/her talents so that together we can touch others and empower this city, this state, this country and this world (Act 1:8). Going to church and listening to a sermon is nice, but that isn't what God has called us to do. He wants us to save others, give hope, and give love. With so many Rock ministries that need help, there is certainly one to suit your gifting. There are ministries to help the church function, reach out to elderly people, serve with youth, perform with dramatic arts, witness to gang members or prisoners, give hope to strippers, work to stop human trafficking in San Diego, and the list goes on.

This city, this country and this world need help and it can start right here with a church that had humble start in an auditorium SDSU. (Click here for more on the history of the Rock Church.)

We have a powerful work to do for the Lord - let's focus and move forward!


This 5-part series shows us the grand resources we have in God. In this series we are challenged to utilize our resources to God's glory. Today we look at the importance of using our time, talents, and treasures to our greatest potential, reaching out to others, and helping where we can.

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