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The Invisible Man - Part 8, The Invisible Man Inititiation: Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Miles McPherson - May 31, 2009

Message Recap

Today we are continuing our study of the Holy Spirit and the vital role that He plays in our lives and our salvation.

God is the Creator of all things, including the plan for our lives and our salvation. Jesus executed the contract for our salvation by dying on the cross and the Holy Spirit is the active manager of that contract. Today we "plunge" (pun intended) into a study of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

1. Baptism means to immerse or plunge.

God created many symbols in the Bible, one of which is the submersion under water, which represents the passing from death into life. As Jesus died and rose from the dead, when you accept Him as Savior, you are to be baptized - laid down in water (as in dying) and then rising up again, fresh, new and reborn.

2. All are baptized with the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation.

For by the Sprit we were all baptized into one body - whether Jews of Greeks, whether slaves or free - and have all been made to drink into one Spirit. 1 Corinthians 12:13

The Holy Spirit blesses all believers, regardless of background or past actions. When you accept Christ, you receive the Holy Spirit, and will continue to receive the Spirit as you change to fit God's purpose.

3. Holy Spirit baptism empowers you to be a witness.

Today's lesson plan listed several people from the Bible and the results of their being filled with the Spirit. Here are a few:

  • a. Paul received the Holy Spirit in Acts 9:17 and the scales fell from his eyes.
  • b. Stephen in Acts 6:10 received the Holy Spirit and began preaching. When he received the Spirit again in Acts 7:55, he actually saw God.
  • c. The believers gathered at the Jewish Pentecost received the Spirit in Acts 2 and they began to speak tongues.

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit doesn't necessarily mean that you will suddenly be able to speak tongues, heal the lame or walk on water. But simply being a witness for Christ - telling others about Him and how He has changed your life - is a sign of being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

...simply being a witness for Christ - telling others about Him and how He has changed your life - is a sign of being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

4. Holy Spirit baptism should be an ongoing process.

Do you eat only one meal a day? Do you only drink at only one point in the evening? Your body is in need of substance all day, just as your soul is in need of the Spirit all the time. Miles pointed out that when you surrender to Him, your growth and transformation is a process. Usually the mental and social changes take place first: people with whom you associate, ways in which you spend your time, etc. As you grow and mature, other things in your life begin to change as well, such as your willingness to tithe part of your income to the church for the furtherance of the ministry.

5. Holy Spirit baptism is not a result of you getting more of the Holy Spirit, but of the Holy Spirit getting more of you.

God has a plan and a purpose for your life, and this purpose is not to make your life rainbows and lollipops. There is work involved. God wants you to reach your potential, but that requires discipline.

Is the saving of your soul worth it?

Perhaps the better question is: what if you're the only one that can reach another person to save him or her?

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