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Body Language - Part 1, Logos
Miles McPherson - October 4, 2009

Message Recap

This week Pastor Miles kicked off a new series called “Body Language” to further explore the ways in which God communicates with us, the church body.

God’s credibility is directly proportional to how He communicates. God talks to us through the spoken word, the living word, and the written word, and as you will see, His word is 100% reliable.

1. Logos is the full expression of God’s rational thought.

A deity’s credibility is measured by the integrity of His logos. Pastor Miles explained that he used the word “diety” because false gods have no logos; idols can’t talk (Psalm 115:5), but God can and does. Here are a few ways that He does:

Through messengers or prophets
Examples: the Old Testament is full of them!

In dreams or visions
Examples: Israel in Geneses 46:1; Abram in Genesis 15:1; the whole Book of Revelations

Writing by His own finger
Example: Exodus 31:18 (the writing of the Ten Commandments)

By the Holy Spirit
Example: 2 Peter 1:19-21 explains the Holy Spirit communicates to the prophets

Appearing Himself
Examples: In Genesis 3 God walks in the garden (even though Adam and Eve are hiding); Genesis 18:1 Abraham sees God; throughout Exodus Moses sees God many times

Example: Acts 10:13-15—God talks to Peter directly in prayer

When God created everything, it had purpose and balance. Everything has rhythm. We breathe the air that the trees make and they take in what we breathe out.

Compare creation to the big bang theory. When was the last time you saw a Home Depot explode, creating a model home out of the rubble?

God gave us two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. Maybe he is trying to tell us something about observing and speaking!

2. A true God builds relationships with His logos.

Throughout history, God has been in communication with various people, giving of laws to the Jews in Exodus, talking to Adam and Eve and their children, making various covenants, and explaining again and again the consequences of our actions and sins.

God wants to communicate with us as well, to be our Friend and our Savior. He is trying to talk to us, but it is up to us to have a two-way relationship, beginning with honing our listening skills. (Refer to our last message series entitled “Bubbles.”)

3. A loving God makes His logos accessible to everyone.

We all can read the Bible and pray to God. Pastor Miles pointed out that one of the hallmarks of a cult is that the leaders are the only ones who have access to the secret documents or godly communication. Miles pointed out that you and anyone can read the Bible and pray and communicate to God. You don’t need to be in or part of any church to do that (not to minimize the benefits of fellowship and teaching in the church body).

4. A true eternal God is faithful to His Logos.

God backs up what He says. The genealogy of the Bible shows that God kept his covenant with Abraham and Israel. Jesus’s death shows that He kept his word to provide a Savior on our behalf. Story after story in the Bible show that God keeps His word as a false god can’t (assuming that a false god can even make a promise in the first place). It is important that we can see God’s faithfulness and trust in that. If you have ever worked for a dishonest employer, you will easily understand the importance of that!

5. A true God requires obedience to His Logos.

Matthew 7:21 says, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” God asks us to do some things and expects us to do them, not just to be full of talk. Basically, God asks us to Do Something—and when we do, we receive His blessings.

Body Language

This 8-part series examines the many different ways in which God communicates with us. We begin this series by looking at how God communicates with us. The Bible shows us God speaks.

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