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Prepare for IMPACT
George Clerie - December 27, 2009

Message Recap

Pastor George Clerie was introduced today as a new pastor at the Rock. We are blessed to have him serving our church in leadership! Because the Rock is preparing to launch a new training course, Impact 195 (referring to the 195 countries in the world), he spoke today about having a life of impact. As Pastor George teaches from the story of David and Goliath, maybe God will reveal His plan to send you to touch one of the 195 countries in the world!

1 Samuel 17 reveals a lot of information about David, a godly youth who tended to his father's flock faithfully, having battled a bear and a lion to keep the flocks safe. We also learn that in this battle between Israel and Philistines, the Philistines had sent out their best and biggest warrior, Goliath, to do battle. All of the soldiers in the army were afraid of this nine-foot giant (on stage was a replica of how big Goliath would be-very large).

David was sent by his father to check on his brothers at war, deliver some food to their captains, and get a progress report of the battle (1 Samuel 17:17-18). In verse 20, we see that David had integrity in three areas:

1. Time

David rose early to do this task. He didn't sleep in or lollygag, but got up early. Pastor George pointed out that had he been an hour later, he would have missed Goliath speaking. Now we must ask ourselves: are we missing the glories that God has prepared for us because we are sleeping in?

2. Task

David was left to care for the flocks. Having an important task at hand, he could have left the flocks for the day, but instead he left them with a keeper. What about our tasks? Are we tending to the things entrusted to us or leaving them like wandering sheep, just hoping that everything will be okay?

3. Treasures

David didn't wander about or stop to watch the ensuing battle, but instead went directly to take care of business and deliver the goods as his father had instructed him. Are we doing what we are supposed to do or are we just letting it go, claiming that we'll get to it eventually?


You probably know how this story unfolds (in case not, here is a spoiler alert: David wins) but keep in mind that this event changed the course of Israel and put into motion events that would lead David to become one of the most honored kings in Israel's history.

Integrity: being someone who can actually do something

David showed up to deliver bread and cheese, but when he arrived to hear Goliath talking smack about his home, his people, and his God, David knew he needed to do something about it. What about us? What are we doing to let our integrity shine? How are we glorifying God?

Mission: having a purpose bigger than yourself

David saw what needed to be done for his country and his God. In verse 26 and 36, he said that Goliath had no right to "defy the armies of the living God." Just "getting by" in the world doesn't glorify anything or anyone. What are we doing to make the world a better place? What are we doing to show the world about God?

Preparation: taking the time to get ready

In verse 34-36 we read about David's encounters with the bear and lion and how he defeated them to protect his father's sheep. Then we read how the current king, Saul had placed armor and spear and sword on David, but as they didn't fit and weighed him down, David had to use what he knew: a rod and a sling. His special skills, though not traditional in battle, were successful against the giant. What special skills has God given you? Are you using them to defeat your own giants?

Action: summoning the courage to move forward

David knew he was living for God and God's purpose. When he faced Goliath, he didn't walk, he ran to battle. Because David had the integrity and purpose, he was able to jump into action. We get indecisive and lack action because we lack some integrity.

Commitment: throwing your whole self into something

To illustrate this point, Pastor George showed us a rock, a smooth stone that looked good from the outside. He explained to us that the stone was like so many Christians; they go to church most of the time, listen to the sermon, and sing along to the songs, but that is about it. They aren't making a difference. They lack the purpose that David had. Inside, Pastor George's rock was empty, so that when he threw the rock at the representative Goliath, it just shattered. If we are going to have an impact in life, we can't be afraid of the collision.

Tenacity: being tough enough to finish strong

After David hit Goliath with the stone, he ran to the body and chopped off the head with Goliath's own sword. David had to finish what he started. Have you ever heard of a race where one got a medal for starting? One only gets a medal for finishing!

This Message

Today we look to the story of David and Goliath, reminding us that we too can make an impact like David, one of the most honored kings in Israel's history.

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