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DO Something - Part 1, The Plan
Miles McPherson - January 24, 2010

Message Recap

Saturday night the Rock had an exciting party for the Do Something efforts of 2009, and for good reason! Pastor Miles was glad to report to Mayor Sanders that the Rock had donated over 166,000 hours of community service last year, saving the city some $2 million dollars. The celebration was great!

Now for 2010…

God has prepared you for ministry, just as He prepared Jesus. He has a plan for you to Do Something great and make your life count. Considering that, you should be driven to accomplish all that God wants you to…He wants you to change the world! Today Pastor Miles covered the 5 P's of God's plan to give you a ministry.

God has prepared you for ministry, just as He prepared Jesus.

1. You have been completely prepared to Do Something great.

Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are workers created to do good work. We can feel this deep inside; we all want to make the world better, to end pain and suffering, to be heroes. But in order to do so, we must be prepared.

To illustrate this, Pastor Miles used the example of driving from San Diego to New York, as he once did. In order to have a successful journey, he had to prepare for it. He made sure he had gas in his tank and money for more in the coming days. The car's tires where in good shape, as was the engine. And more importantly, he had a map showing him the route to his destination.

The Rock helps us prepare for good works through church attendance, fellowship, small groups, and ministry. We prepare each other to reach out for God.

2. There is a simple purpose behind everything you do.

On the trip from sunny San Diego to the city that never sleeps, Miles took a map that showed the route he was to take. If he had not consulted the map but just driven on any roads he chose along the way, he could have ended up in Mexico or Canada. Similarly, our journeys have been laid out by God and we need to stick to the plan He gives us. Sometimes we may get sidetracked, but in those times, we must come back to the map that God has given us. If we are not on the path He has marked for us, the map shows us how to correct the course.

3. Sometime you will experience pain.

Hebrews 12:11 tells us that although we don't enjoy pain, it gives us peaceful fruit. In Miles' coast-to-coast journey, he experienced rain, a tire blowout, and car trouble-thus is life. But we have to remember that pain is a great teacher (and sometimes it is the only thing that gets through to us!)

We don't really learn from pleasure, but pain teaches us what to do or not to do. Pain is actually a blessing; if afflicted by a medical condition that caused us not to feel pain, we would destroy our bodies without even knowing it.

And of course, Jesus experienced a phenomenal amount of pain to teach us the meaning of love.

Jesus experienced a phenomenal amount of pain to teach us the meaning of love.

4. God has provided power to Do Something.

Miles pointed out that on his long road trip, he had a car with an engine. That might sound obvious, he certainly wouldn't have gotten far without it. God has given us an "engine" for ministry as well: our minds and our bodies. He has also given us fuel: the Bible, church, fellowship, prayer, etc. He has given us all the power to Do Something.

5. Doing something significant will require a passion that constantly screams, "Don't quit!"

Jesus said in Luke 9:62, "No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit or the Kingdom of God." This statement actually holds double meaning. First, it means not to get distracted doing God's work. As you "plow," don't look around or get distracted; stay focused as you plow and harvest for God. Second, it means not to look back, evaluating the past to see what the fruits of our spiritual labors are. That is for God to do. Our job is simply to Do Something!

DO Something

This 7-part series shows us that God wants to do something in our lives and helps us to see what our something could be. Today Pastor Miles showed us the importance serving others and what it requires of us.

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