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DO Something - Part 3, Purpose
Miles McPherson - February 7, 2010

Message Recap

We are now into week three of the Do Something series. The first week was an overview (the 5 P's: Preparation, Purpose, Pain, Power, and Passion), last week we covered Preparation, and this week we will look into our Purpose.

When ever you do something; great or small, good or evil, you have to have a purpose. Whether putting aside 5% of your income for savings or taking over the world by force, you will get nowhere without purpose. Imagine trying to plan a trip without knowing the destination. If you fail to have a destination, you will never arrive.

So what is your purpose? What do you want for your soul?

1. The greatest commandment is to love God.

In Mathew 22, Jesus is asked questions about what is right, what is wrong, what to do to get into heaven and how to follow the Ten Commandments. But then a lawyer asks Jesus to name the greatest commandment. In verse 37, He responds, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind." These are deep words. Jesus doesn't simply say to keep the Ten Commandments as the Jewish leaders claimed to be doing at the time. He says it is most important to love God with everything you've got.

Pastor Miles reflected on a day when he and his buddy where cut from the L.A. Rams and were watching a practice from the other side of the fence. Miles could do everything that the other football players could do. He knew all the plays and thought he could do them better than some of the players. But he was still cut from the team. We have to watch ourselves and not think that we are okay in God's eyes. Simply having not murdered anyone or committed adultery doesn't make us "good." Only God is good, holy, and perfect. He deserves our love above all else in our lives.

2. To love God is to obey God and keep His commandments.

Now before you get confused, this is what follows loving God. Accepting Christ as your savior whole heartedly will save you, but you will still be judged for what you have done on earth. This is more than observing the Ten Commandments. Sometimes we can hear commands straight from God, a small voice telling us to do something (such as forgiving someone who has hurt us) or not to do something (such as not visiting a porn website). That is God's commandment directly to us and it would be in our best interest to listen.

3. Love is always based on truth.

There are many biblical verse that show us the connection between love and truth, but here is one earthly example. Imagine a marriage not based on truth. One or both of the couple lies about money and/or sex. How long would you give that marriage? Jesus is the church's groom, but if the bride (we his church) is lying to Him, how can we expect the greatest groom to trust us? We can always trust His word but we need to do love God in openness and honesty, giving Him the opportunity to trust us.

4. God's commandments or truth are written and spoken.

You can always compare the Bible to anything to see if it is right. Science has not been able to prove that creation did not take place as explained in Genesis. The Old Testament covers places and events that are still here today and has confirmed various historical events. In fact, Pastor Miles and some of the guest speakers at the Rock have given some great sermons on that very subject. If you want to disprove the Bible, by all means try. The truth will set you free. God's Word, His truth, has the power to set us all free if we believe it. And the truth is that our purpose is to love God.

DO Something

This 7-part series shows us that God wants to do something in our lives and helps us to see what our something could be. Today we examine what our purpose is and what it means for our lives.

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