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DO Something - Part 5, Power
Miles McPherson - February 21, 2010

Message Recap

This week Pastor Miles continues the Do Something series, highlighting the 4th P-Power! Be sure to watch this touching message that includes the story of Peter and Cindy and her struggle with cancer.

1. God's power is the authority, ability, and opportunity to do something on a spiritual level.

Mark 5 gives us examples of the power of God acting to change the lives of people. The first two are people who are both shunned by society, one man because he is filled with demons (v. 2) and one woman because of her 12-year bleeding that has made her ceremonially unclean (v. 25).

Both of these people in Mark 5 had tried all the natural power remedies available at the time without results. But something is about to change as God brings His authority, His spiritual power, over their situations.

2. Spiritual power is superior to natural power.

In w, Jesus sends the demons out of the man into a heard of swine, freeing the man from his suffering. Then Jesus heals the woman simply by her touching His garment in faith (v. 29). Both people, seemingly without hope in the world's eyes, experience radical change by the superior and miraculous power of God.

Both people, seemingly without hope in the world's eyes, experience radical change by the superior and miraculous power of God.

Not only does Jesus use His spiritual power to help these two people, but He tops even these in verses 35-35. Just as He is pronouncing healing over the bleeding woman, He is informed that a little girl just died. What can Jesus do for someone who has already died? In verse 41, Jesus tells the girl get up and she does. That's not just superior power…its' raise-the-dead power!

3. Jesus' power is superior to Satan's power.

Verse 12 tells us that "all the demons begged Him" for mercy as he was about to exercise them out of the man. Even the demons, who are under Satan's command, recognize the awesome power of Jesus. They know that their master, Satan, cannot save them against the power of God. As the world throws its challenges at us, we have access to this incredible power when we know and love God!

4. Spiritual power comes from the Holy Spirit for a very specific and unique purpose in our lives.

This point in the message tied in directly to the story of Peter and Cindy and her battle with cancer. (For details on this powerful and thought-provoking story, don't miss watching this week's message video). Without giving away too much, their story exemplifies the fact that God wants to use His power in each of our lives for an intentional purpose.

5. Spiritual power is received from God by those who surrender themselves to Him.

Pastor Miles said it perfectly: spiritual power cannot be taken; it must be received as we surrender to God. Before God can Do Something through us, He has to do something in us. He doesn't change our hearts until we yield them to Him; we must allow Him to work in us!

DO Something

This 7-part series shows us that God wants to do something in our lives and helps us to see what our something could be. Today we observe several different elements of power and how God wants to use His power in our lives.

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