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What if? - Rock Church 10-Year Anniversary
Miles McPherson - February 28, 2010

Message Recap

The first Rock Church services took place on February 27, 2000, so today we are celebrating ten years of serving Christ as a church body! Pastor Miles wanted to thank all the staff and the volunteers of the church, who do more work behind the scenes than you'll ever know. He also encouraged everyone to be a volunteer; all of us should Do Something, as we have much ministry work to do!

Over the past ten years, the Rock has seen a lot of growth and many changes. Pastor Miles shared that as he looks back over that time, God has given him two words: WHAT IF? What if . . .We prayed more? Served more? Were more strategic? Were better spouses and parents? It's important to ask these questions about our lives. The last ten years have flown by and the next ten will bring many important decisions and changes of their own.

So today, for the Rock Church body and for ourselves as individuals, we look back to celebrate. We want to be clear about the amazing feats God has done in our church and our lives, and use these as a foundation for our faith concerning what He can do in the future.

Glory belongs to God, whose power is at work in us. By this power he can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20

God has given us all the ability to image think dreams, ideas, and possibilities that are bigger than we are. He does this because He wants us to have some sense that He can even do infinitely more above and beyond even those things.

Here are just a few things that God has done in the Rock's brief ten-year history:

  • Grown our attendance from 3000-13,000 (400% growth)
  • Inspired and empowered 615,000 hours of volunteer community & ministry service (worth $2.6 million) per year
  • Successfully completed 26 Miles Ahead festivals

If God continues at this pace, in the next ten years, He will have brought in 52,000 people in attendance, provided 2.4 million hours (worth $10 million) each year, developed 21 satellite services on 7 continents, and planted 100 new churches with their own pastors (via Impact 195).

Being an effective disciple of Christ requires discipline, commitment, faith, and obedience to answer His call. Do you want God-ordained goals for your life in the next ten years, or do you want to just "see what happens"?

Looking forward to the next ten years of walking with God as a church body, Pastor Miles challenges each of us to answer three questions, which will be part of a church-wide time capsule to be opened in February 2020:

1. What if you make a faith-based commitment and you fulfill it?
Describe who you want to be in 10 years.

2. What if you challenge someone else to make a faith based commitment?
Describe what your disciples should be doing in 10 yrs.

Pour into someone else's life. Help him/her to learn and study the Bible, lean to pray effective, and walk with Jesus. It doesn't matter how old or young you are - you can even mentor a little kid! Are you married? You can mentor a dating couple or a young married couple. Pray for God to bring someone to you into whom you can invest time, prayer, education, and support.

3. What if Jesus comes back? What would you say to someone left behind?
Your legacy will speak volumes.

Pastor Miles shared his desire to preach at his own funeral via video. Even after he's gone, he wants to have an impact on people for Jesus Christ. What would you say to people after you're gone?

Visit to enter your own contribution to the Rock's 2020 Time Capsule. (Submissions due April 4)

What if?

Today's message marks the ten year anniversary of the Rock, challenging us to make a ten year commitment in our personal relationships with God.

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