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The Royal - Book One: Warriors (Week 2)
Miles McPherson - June 13, 2010

Message Recap

In this series entitled The Royal, a young man (us) is taught how to run a kingdom by a wise man (the Holy Spirit) through a series of seven books (Biblical genres). Miles has explained how each book is written in a different format; to understand the content of each book, we must learn how to interpret it.

This week, we continue to learn about Warriors (Biblical Narratives). These stories read like a novel, but unlike tales of hobbits or Jedi knights, Bible stories are about real people in real places at various points in history. Today’s message is about Moses in 1440 BC on Mount Horeb, otherwise known as the Mountain of God (Exodus 3:1-4:17).

1. Moses expressed his insecurity, so God encouraged him with His eternal presence.

In Exodus 3:11, Moses responds to God’s commandment that he is to return to Egypt to bring the Jews out of slavery. “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh…” In verse 12, God replies, “I will certainly be with you…” As He did with Moses in this passage, God gives us our own tasks to do, but He also gives us the free will to do them or not. (However, if we do not follow God’s commands, we do not have God’s blessings.) As humans, we have a natural inclination to be insecure as Moses was, but God wants us to know that He is with us.

2. Moses claimed ignorance, so God educated and revealed His name.

In verse 13, Moses asks for God’s name to tell the Jews when they ask who has sent him. God replies: “I AM WHO I AM.” This is the first time in the Bible that God reveals His name, letting us know that God can and wants to be known.

3. Moses feared being viewed as incredible, so God empowered him.

Moses imagines that the people will not listen nor believe him (verse 4:1). But in verse 4:2-9, God shows Moses that he will do miracles in God’s name, turning Moses’ rod into a serpent and having his hand become leprous. God desires to do the miraculous in and through us, therefore we must apply His strength to our problems.

4. Moses focused on his inability, so God enlightened him of His design.

Moses tells the Lord that he is a lousy speaker, basically saying (as we all do at times), “I’m not good enough to do this” (verse 4:10). God replies, “Who has made man’s mouth? Or who makes the mute, the deaf, and the seeing, or the blind? Have not I, the Lord? Now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.” (verse 4:11-12).

God uses our weakness as a two-fold example. First, it glorifies God, for when someone who has no talent for speeches speaks for the Lord, it is obvious that God is at work. Secondly, it forces the person to have faith in what God wants to do with each of our lives. We may be weak in some areas, but with God we can do anything!

5. Moses expressed insubordination, so God equipped him with a partner.

In verse 4:13-17 Moses asks God to send someone else instead (Moses is out of excuses now). But what does God do? He says that he will send Aaron, Moses’ brother, to accompany Moses back to Egypt.

God has ministry partners for you, just as He did for Moses. God wants us to be with other people, as it isn’t good for us to be alone. We need other believers—to depend on, lean on, and get support from each other. In turn, we will have people lean on us and we will support others. God has planned it this way.

God wants each of us to be a warrior. He wants us to do great things and has things planned for us that would blow our minds! But first we have to listen so that we may walk in those things.

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