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The Royal - Book One: Warriors (Week 4)
Miles McPherson - June 27, 2010

Message Recap

Today we proceeded on with the Royal; the story of how a young soon to be king (us) sought the wisdom of a sage (the Holy Spirit) to prepare the youth to rule his fathers kingdom. The sage presented the boy with a variety of stories and we are learning on how each type of story is to be read. This week we continue on with Warriors; stories of actual people, in actual places doing actual things (narratives). And this week it is the story of David and Goliath.

Now I have to more than highly recommend that you see the video of this weeks service as not only did we learn about David and Goliath but Miles presented an incredible story of the how one woman stood up to her Goliath and how it effected others including pastor Miles directly. I can’t do it justice here so please check it out.

  1. Giant killers walk by faith, not by sight. In the narrative stories we see an uncommon hero battling a very overbearing foe. Satan is doing his part by intimidating the good guys and making the situation seem hopeless. This in fact gives God a chance to show that anything is possible to those who believe. Now in 1 Samuel 17:24 we see the soldiers of Israel tremble before the words of Goliath (the giant would talk trash against the Jews daily). But David ‘sees’ with his heart what God wants him to do so in verse 32 we see David addressing the king saying “…Let no man’s heart fail because of him; your servant will go and fight with the Philistine.”
  2. Giant Killers realize that God wants you to confront and kill your giant. Lets refer back to Genesis. God made us in His image and put us over all the animals of the earth. What do animals do when they are confronted with danger? They run away as it is their nature. But we as people want to rise up to the challenge and overcome. This is a God given gift that is scary at times but so rewarding. David overcoming Goliath is the perfect example.
  3. David sold out to God and at that transformational moment he went from sheep herder to Giant Killer.

  4. Giant Killers have a transformational moment. In verse 34 we read …”Your servant used to keep his father’s sheep…” Miles had done a sermon on this before but it is something so almost unnoticeable yet so important. We all know the general story of David and Goliath but in this one verse is a line that is so powerful. David said he used to keep his fathers sheep. Ironically we already know that used to means earlier that morning. David sold out to God and at that transformational moment he went from sheep herder to Giant Killer. We need to have those moments too when we move on from what ever it is we are doing to becoming something spectacular and a glory to God.
  5. Giant Killer realize and recognize the hand of God in their lives. David saw without a doubt that God had lead this future king of Israel to save the Jews from this giant. And all the warriors in the bible had to face unfathomable challenges but with God’s help overcame. We have that same help. We may not understand the purpose or the direction that God is leading us but then again who would have thought that the way to bring down a giant was with one small stone.

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