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The Royal - Book Two: Loyalty (Week 3)
Miles McPherson - July 25, 2010

Message Recap

In this country, when someone commits a crime and is found guilty, the judge presiding over the case will ask the defendant to rise for sentencing. When this happens, the defendant—nobody else—will have to carry out the punishment determined by the court. No matter who that defendant is or how close he is to his friends or family, the defendant himself must accept the sentencing; no one else can bear his punishment.

Spiritually speaking, we have all committed crimes—our sin.  By spiritual law, this separates us from the one and perfectly holy God.  But luckily for us, this separation is not a sentence which we are doomed to serve forever, because Jesus has come to take on the death sentence for us and grant us eternal life.

Today Pastor Miles had continued his in journey of the Royal, the story of a child who is to gain a kingdom and has a wise sage teaching him how to read the literature so that he may one day be a great king. The child represents us, the Christian nation. The wise sage is the Holy Spirit, and the kingdom is God’s kingdom which He has prepared for us.

Last week Miles covered the Ten Commandments and how they apply to us today.   But the Old Testament Law extends far beyond the Ten Commandments.  In fact, there were over 600 rules that the Jews had to fulfill in order to be admitted into the kingdom. The problem is that nobody could follow these rules perfectly because we are not perfect!  But, in His wisdom, God had a plan to cover this as well; He was going to send His perfect Son to fulfill all of the Law’s requirements once and for all.

Jesus came not to destroy Old Testament Law, but to fulfill the Law.

In Exodus 19, two million Jews that were formerly slaves walk for three months to Mount Sinai where God officially introduces Himself. In doing this, He also lays down rules for the Jewish nation. Think of this as a marriage vow; God is the groom, the Jews are the bride, and the Law is the expectations for the relationship.

Later in the New Testament in Matthew 5:17, Jesus tells us that He has come to fulfill the Laws that God established.  In other words, He will stand in our stead to face God and answer for our sins. We are the defendants, yet Jesus will bear our punishment for our crimes.

Old Testament law reveals sin, but Jesus’ death satisfied the penalty of sin.

Galatians 3:24 says, Therefore the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. The Old Testament points to the coming of Christ and our salvation through Him.

Old Testament Law requires a blood sacrifice so Jesus shed His blood.

In Old Testament times, the Jews made animal sacrifices for their sins and offerings.  The Law requited certain animal sacrifices for different types of sin. The problem was, animal sacrifice was not perfect enough to cover our sins once and for all, so it had to be repeated at regular intervals.

In contrast, when Jesus came, He sacrificed Himself, a perfect deity in human body, so nullifying the need for periodic animal sacrifice, but also giving us a chance at restoring our relationship with the Father and receiving salvation.  Pastor Miles emphasized that Jesus provided the way and the opportunity, but we must accept Jesus’ sacrifice to cover each of us.  No matter how good we are or how righteous we try to be, we can never perfectly live up to God’s measure of holiness on our own.

Old Testament law requires a priest to offer the blood sacrifice.

Jesus became the Great High Priest and gave us direct access to God.

Miles pointed out an interesting fact about the building that houses Rock Church. In front of the stage is a black line 20 cubits long and the stage itself is 20 cubits high. The stage was designed this way to represent the size of the Holy of Holies, the part of the Old Testament Tabernacle that housed the Ark of the Covenant and above it, the presence of God.   The Holy of Holies was also the place where, one each year, the high priest of the Jewish nation would enter to perform the tasks required by the Law.  These tasks were so important, delicate, and precise that if the high priest did something wrong in the process, he died.

When Jesus died on the cross, the curtain of the Holy of Holies was suddenly ripped open from top to bottom, supernaturally revealing that that there is no longer the need for a Jewish High Priest because the role has been eternally filled by Jesus.  Through Him, we all have access to God and we can all be saved if we make that choice to accept the gift and follow Him.

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