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The Royal - Book Three: Soul Food (Week 3)
Miles McPherson - September 5, 2010

Message Recap

Would you like to be wiser?

In the Bible we read about King Solomon, the wisest and richest king the world ever knew. But what set him apart from so many other people?

When God said he would grant any one thing for which Solomon asked, Solomon passed by riches, fame, and power…all for the sake of gaining wisdom. At the time, Solomon was wise enough to know that with wisdom he could get everything else, which was true then, is true now, and always will be true.

So today Pastor Miles continued our study of Soul Food and further explored the poetic language of Proverbs, written largely by King Solomon.

1. The fear of God results in wisdom.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. But fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

To fear God is to pray and study God's Word. God is the source of wisdom; He knows better than we do. Everything that we discover about our world God already knows-He made it!

In which areas of life do you need to seek the Lord's wisdom? Are you going about things in your own way instead of asking God what is best for you? For example, there was a woman in a financial bind who could not afford her home mortgage. Rather than seek out God's advice on money, she tried everything in her own power to hold on to the house. As a result, eventually the bank foreclosed on the property and the woman was evicted and made homeless for over a month. She lost everything because the fear and respect of God was not in her heart, so she did not seek His opinion for her finances.

2. Avoid evil counsel.

Proverbs 1:8-19 instructs us to stay away from greedy, evil people, as they will mislead us. Life experience alone can tell us how true this is! How many times have you encountered an unscrupulous character who advised you badly, only to find that by following his/her advice, the result was harmful to us, or our character, or others?

To use the woman about as an example, instead of seeking biblical wisdom on finances or attending a financial responsibilities course through her church, she went only to a less-than-reputable loan modification attorney to seek advice on how to keep her house. After the attorney made wonderful promises and took her money, she still ended up losing everything.

As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly. Proverbs 26:11

As unpleasant an image this is, the proverb suggests that a fool does the same things over and over without learning from his mistakes. Imagine you gave $1,000.00 to someone for an investment that promised a 50% return on your money in three months, but instead he lost all of your cash. Would you then give him another $1000.00 for that same investment? Pastor Miles pointed out that this sounds ridiculous in terms of money, but we may foolishly repeat this type of mistake with other areas of our lives. Do you seek and nurture unhealthy relationships with people? In what other areas in your life may you repeat the same errors time and again?

3. God has made wisdom available to everyone.

Proverbs 1:20-33 tells us that wisdom is available to all. The problem is that biblical wisdom isn't always accepted. Instead, it is often mocked, dismissed, or publicly dishonored.

As Pastor Miles pointed out, wisdom is right there in front of us all the time, but do we follow it? You may have heard over and over again to save 10% of your earnings. People from all different backgrounds of financial expertise give this instruction, but sadly, very few follow this advice. After spending every penny earned, many people find they cannot pay for health issues, car problems, or any other unforeseen emergency. The wisdom before them, therefore, is worthless.

Wisdom is for our own good! Proverbs is full of nuggets of wisdom from the wisest man who ever lived. Wouldn't it be wise to listen?

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