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Ministry Fair
Miles McPherson - October 3, 2010

Message Recap

Did you know that the Rock started because of one 16-year-old boy and his sister?  Pastor Miles shared a story from years ago while pasturing a Filipino boy and his younger sister who was strung out on meth. This one experience led Miles to have a passion for serving and teaching, which eventually led to the massive world-changing church we have now.   What experiences in your life can God use to light the fire of life-impacting ministry?

Ephesians 4:11 tells us that God has different roles and functions for each of us: apostles, prophets, evangelists… for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Eph 4:12).   Each of us has a special role to fulfill in the church.  Are you fulfilling yours by using the gifts, passions, and talents He has given you?

A church isn’t just a place to worship, but a place for Christians to change lives, enriching, saving, and helping others. This is the point of the various volunteer-run ministries that the Rock has to offer. There are 102 current ministries in the Rock for reaching out to the local community!  A full list is available at

The Power of Duplication

If Pastor Miles was able to talk to one person about Christ for 30 minutes every day for eight years, he would reach about 3,000 people. But if the Rock ministries have 1,500 people who each minister to one person each week for the same 8 years, they could reach all 3 million people in San Diego. These powerful numbers are the reason why Rock ministries are so important!

Today Miles spoke with four Rock ministry leaders today about how their ministries impact the community:

  1. Perri runs the Never Knew Father’s Love ministry, which is a spectacular ministry that reaches out to kids who don’t have a father in their lives. She shared with us some of the staggering statistics about how a child is damaged by the lack of a good father figure.  These children are:
    • Twenty times more likely to serve time in prison
    • Ten times more likely to have a form of drug abuse
    • Five times more likely to commit suicide
    • More likely to perpetuate broken families (71% of pregnant teens are lacking a father)
    There are 24.7 million kids without fathers.  The Never Knew Father’s Love ministry is reaching out to as many of those as possible so that they don’t become one of these statistics.
  2. Tommy runs the Rock Recovery ministry, which focuses on drug and alcohol addictions and is a 12-step program to defeat the grasp that these substances have on a person. Tommy himself was addicted to meth and heroin for 10 years and knows about the struggle to overcome and continually overcome these battles.
  3. Dean, a San Diego police officer for seven years, operates the High School Mentoring ministry, as he has seen first hand how kids in our schools need direction and guidance.
  4. Brent is heading up the Basketball ministry and oversees Sports Ministries. Compared to the others, sports may not seem like an impactful ministry, but it is an incredible outreach to many.  For those who appear to “have it all together” but are secretly struggling and looking for the hope and help only Christ can provide, Sports Ministries provide a safe avenue for exposure to God’s love and His community of believers.

Visit for a full list of ministries that are reaching out to help people.  It’s time to step up and Do Something, as Pastor Miles’ book says.  If you don’t see a ministry that sparks your interest, maybe that is God’s way of telling you to start something new!

This Message

The Rock offers over a 100 different ministries for us to get involved with that reach out to others with the love of Christ. Today's message examines the fruit of ministry.

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