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The Royal - Book Seven: Vision (Week 1)
Miles McPherson - November 28, 2010

Message Recap

Today we started a three-week course on the book of Revelation. Pastor Miles acknowledged that this book of end times tends to intimidate people, but this should not be the case.

Genre: Apocalyptic (read like fantasy)
Apocalypto: To uncover or reveal what has been veiled or covered up.

1. Apocalyptic language was written to give persecuted people hope and encourage them to persevere.

The book of Revelation describes the battle at the end of time between God and the devil. When we feel that evil is overwhelming us, this book should provide hope. Revelation gives away the ending! God wants us to know about His victory to give us courage in our daily lives. We know that our time praying and reading the Bible is not wasted because ultimately, God wins the battle!

2. Apocalyptic language is a symbolic representation of what God is doing and will do in the spiritual realm and not a videotape of what will happen.

In Revelation 9:1 a star falls from heaven to earth, holding a key to the bottomless pit. As Pastor Miles pointed out, a star cannot carry keys, so this falling star was something else that looked like a star. Many people claim that things in the book of Revelation are nuclear war or other modern things, but we really don't know.

In Revelation 9:7-10 we read about locusts that have the shape of a horse, the face of a man, the hair of a woman and the tale of a scorpion. We may not know what this represents, but we can all agree that it sounds bad!

3. Old Testament Apocalyptic language provides background to the symbolic meaning of the images in Revelation (or New Testament) Apocalyptic language.

In Ezekiel 1:4-10 we read about four strange creatures that have wings and the face of a lion, ox, a man and an eagle. Now in Revelations 4:7, these same creatures make a repeat appearance.

4. Apocalyptic language uses symbols to describe the final battle in the war of good and evil between God and Satan.

Revelation 19:20 says, Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of file burning with brimstone.

The Bible is very clear with this verse that God overcomes Satan in the great battle.

5. Apocalyptic language illustrates God's final action of judgment and restoration, and in the end God wins.

Revelation 19:21 reveals what happens to all of those who were sided with the evil creatures (and this may be the time to point out that if you aren't sided with God and seeking Truth, then you are against Him). And the rest were killed with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse…

The end result for those against God is not good. Pastor Miles pointed out that hell was not designed for people; it is torturous and miserable. Though his desire is for no one to go there, ultimately it is up to each of us to make that choice for ourselves.

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