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God is Waiting
Miles McPherson - February 6, 2011

Message Recap

How do you feel about waiting? When it comes to waiting, Miles compared people to two different animals: a shark and a koala. Some people are like sharks, which must keep moving in order to breathe. These people must do something, no matter how trivial, just to be doing something. Other people are like koalas, which just hang on to a tree, watching, listening, and just being.

Whether we are like the shark or the koala, staying busy or just relaxing, most of us are waiting for God to do something in our lives. We may be waiting for the right spouse, more money, more time, the perfect opportunity, etc. But quite possibly, God is actually waiting for something from us.

1. God is waiting for you to correctly acknowledge Him with your answered prayers.

In Mathew 19:16, a man approaches Jesus and asks how one may obtain eternal life. Interestingly, the man addresses Jesus as, “Good Teacher.” In verse 17, Jesus first responds to this title, saying, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.” What Jesus is conveying to the man is that there is only one God and we need to remember Him in His proper place. If we don’t recognize the power and sovereignty of the One whom we address, then why would He answer our prayers?

2. God is waiting to know how you will honor Him with your answered prayers.

Pastor Miles has said this before, but our wishes and desires can’t come before God. We have a purpose to serve Him, so that means that our prayers and ambitions won’t be answered if they conflict with that purpose. Our lives must be about God first, not about us.

In Matthew 19:17-19 Jesus tells this man to keep the Commandments given to Moses. These commandments help us to live better lives, but more importantly, they prepare us for everything. For example, you may be praying for God to bring you a spouse. If your reasons for this desire are sex, loneliness, or a tax write-off, those would be horrible reasons for God to answer that prayer. But instead, following the Ten Commandments would make you a) in touch with God (having no idols, putting God first); and b) honorable (not lying, not cheating, not stealing, honoring your mother and father).

In keeping the Ten Commandments, you prepare yourself to be a good spouse who can now attract a godly person and thus have a more successful and holy marriage. (Of course, there is a lot more to it, but this is a start.)

3. God is waiting for you to let go of your grip on worldly desires.

In Matthew 19:21, Jesus responds to the young man who says he has been keeping the Commandments. Jesus tells him to sell all his possessions and give the money to the poor, but sadly, the man will not do this.

Jesus calls us to sacrifice, as He gave up His own life for us. In the sacrifice comes great blessing and growth. Going back to the marriage example, imagine a man begins to follow the Commandments to prepare himself for marriage. In the process, he has to give up drugs, drinking, and pornography. Can you imagine how the person’s marriage would be if he refused to give up these things? Or imagine that this man is called to give up some of his social life so that he will be able to care for his future wife. Can you imagine his marriage if he refuses to sacrifice this and preferred to spend time “out with the boys” all the time instead of with his wife?

God always wants what is best for us, but we must trust that He knows what that is and the best timing for it. Often, He is waiting for us to straighten up our act so that we may glorify Him. So instead of waiting…let’s try preparing!

This Message

What have you been waiting for God to do? Pastor Miles shares three things God is waiting for us to do. Are we willing to acknowledge and pursue Him in our waiting?

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