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Who Is God? - Part 3, The Undesigned Designer
Miles McPherson - March 6, 2011

Message Recap

Today we continued a fascinating study to answer the question: Who is God?

Take a look at the computer you are using right now. Who designed it? Who built it? Who developed and installed the software? A lot of people put a lot of work into the instrument you are using. It is a stretch to imagine that just one person could manufacture all the parts, put them together and execute the programming to make it work, but it is beyond reason to think that the computer came from nothing or just appeared by accident.

Limited objects cannot design themselves, but require a designer. Ask the same questions of any object in your home, your room, or even outside. They all came from somewhere.

Limited objects cannot design themselves but require a designer.

Now take a look at the mirror. Where did you come from? You are a limited object; you can't see the future, fly away, or be all-powerful (but don't feel bad, because humans have the most potential of all creatures on earth). So where did we come from?

1. Our design requires an intelligent designer.

Psalm 139:13-18 reveals that God made us, body and soul. Pastor Miles gave examples of incredible things we do that we don't even have to think about, such as breathing, blinking, or walking. (Ask an engineer-it is an incredible feat to make something walk if you consider balance, gravity, road conditions, etc.)

If you examine any part of the body and how it works, each part is incredibly complicated, revealing intelligent design. Consider the complexity and amazing features of the eye to give us sight. (And for a hysterical comparison, see the video for today's sermon where Miles talks about running away from a bear).

2. Our design requires a spiritual designer.

In John 4:24, Jesus says, "God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." God created us to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. As was said earlier, we are not just bodies, but also souls.

Have you ever been to a funeral and heard someone say that the deceased is in a better place? Why don't you hear anyone say that the deceased is dead and that is all? The answer is because we all have an inward knowledge that there is a soul inside each of us. This soul requires incredibly complex creation and design, just as does a physical body.

3. Our design requires an eternal designer.

Think about the funeral example again. We all have something inside of us that says we are eternal beings. We have a sense that once we die, our souls will continue. As Pastor Miles pointed out, souls go to one of two places: heaven or hell. We are designed to be eternal, just as our Creator is eternal.

We need to choose where we want to spend eternity! God, the great Designer, not only gave us life and a soul, but He designed a way for us to have everlasting life. This way was achieved with a perfect plan, completed by God's own Son sacrificing Himself for us so that we may share in eternal life with Him.

Who Is God?

This 5-part series examines who God is according to the Bible, defying the misconceptions about God that can hinder our relationship with him. Today's message examines our intricate design by an intelligent God.

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