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Who Is God? - Part 5, God the Moral Law Giver
Miles McPherson - March 20, 2011

Message Recap

Was Hitler right?

What kind of question is that? It is an example of something in about the middle of this powerful sermon that Miles presented today (keep reading and you'll see).

Today we continued our search into the question of who is God? As like the past sermon's Miles was on stage with a living room; couch, sofa, clock, pictures, TV, etc… The point of all that was that these things didn't just appear or came to be. They were all built and set up by man. These limited objects (limited objects being things that didn't nor couldn't design themselves and come to be) where made and brought in. Look at nature and we see limited objects as well and if you listen to the past few sermons we see that God brought them to be (well everything didn't come from nothing now did it).

Limited objects fulfill their purpose by following absolute rules provided to them by their designer.

Pastor Miles started off with a humorous story of him eating spaghetti on his sofa in front of his TV. While enjoying the spaghetti the sofa asked him to put some of the warm marinara sauce on the cushion. Baffled by this request Miles said no knowing that it would at least stain the cushion. Then the TV started by asking that a cold drink be placed on top of it. Again Miles said no knowing that the beverage could easily ruin the television. Then the clock started in too asking for a shower.

Since God created us God lays down the rules of how we use our mind, body and spirit.

Silly yes but Miles was making a great point. All these things were created for a function but the things there were requesting were outside of that function and in fact dangerous. We human's are limited objects as well with rules over us of what we can and cannot do. Since God created us God lays down the rules of how we use our mind, body and spirit.

1. Universal absolute moral laws exist.

Have you ever heard that truth is relevant? Look at an object in the room you are in, a table perhaps. If you said that is a table you would be correct. If you said it was not a table that would be incorrect. Truth is truth. There is no relevance about it.

Now have you ever heard that we need to be tolerant of other beliefs? Miles pointed out that there are two types of this; 1. To know people believe other things and to love them anyways and 2. To accept that every belief is equally right. On the first one Miles agrees. Everyone, regardless of the subject, has different beliefs and we should love all people (not necessary go along with them, just love them). The second point doesn't even make sense.

In this living room Miles had he had two pictures. One was of Mother Teresa, a woman who spent her life doing good. The other picture was of Hitler. Now if you are to be tolerant as described by the second example you would have to accept that both Mother Teresa and Hitler where right because that is what they both believed. I think you see the problem here.

Now the Bible teaches what is right and wrong but isn't it interesting that we all have a moral compass in our programming. It is wrong to lie, it is wrong to steal, it is wrong to murder. God wanted us to know that from the beginning. Whether we follow it or not is up to us but that moral compass called a conscious is in each of us.

And here is why.

God wants you to do incredible things but the only way to do that is by faith in Him. "For there is no partiality with God." Says Romans 2:11. Miles gave the funniest example of this. You come home from work and you find four roaches sitting on the counter and they all greet you and say hi and ask how things are going. In shock you tell them to get out and they are baffled saying that they thought it was okay for them to be there; after all they have been hiding for months. You either get a can of Raid or repeat that they need to leave. Just by us being here doesn't mean we are in Gods favor. Have we accepted that Jesus died for our sins? Have we tried to go by the moral compass that God gave us? Or are we like the roaches trying to negotiate our existence. And Miles pointed out that those roaches negotiating with us is a lot closer than us trying to negotiate with God.

Next week Miles is going to finish up with Who is God and then the week after that he is going to dive into a series (unnamed at this time) about super blessings. We all want to be super blessed. Now is your chance to learn how.

Who Is God?

This 5-part series examines who God is according to the Bible, defying the misconceptions about God that can hinder our relationship with him. God designed us with a moral compass, and has given us a clear guide for how we ought to live.

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