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Blessed - Part 3, The Money Multiplier
Miles McPherson - April 17, 2011

Message Recap

First it helps if we review the main points about the last two sessions before we dive into this week’s exciting lesson:

  • Blessed means happy, that doesn’t mean you have everything you want but rather that you are happy with what you have.
  • Tithe 10% which is taught inside and outside of Old Testament Law
  • Grace has a higher standard than law.
  • Only non-tithers are tithe haters. Matthew 6:21 reminds us that our treasure is where our heart is so if our treasure is in in the bank, not in heaven, then our heart is there too.
  • Tithing is a heart issue, not a money issue.
  • God gets paid first. In the old and new testament we are told that God gets first (it is all His anyways) but in the old we see that the first fruits and the first born of livestock are given which may not seem like a big deal to us but Miles reminded us that these people were assuming that there would be more. They had faith in God’s promises. It would be like giving away your entire paycheck in the promise that more of it would come.

Then it was on to this week’s message:

Which would you choice; one hundred thousand dollars a day or a penny doubled every day for 30 days? By the end of the first week; if you choice the penny you only have 64 cents and by the end of the second week you still have less than $100 while the other option has over a million. But after a full 30 days the penny wins out. Here is the breakdown:

Day $100,000 a day a penny doubled
1 100,000 .01
7 700,000 .64
14 1,400,000 81.92
21 2,100,000 10,485.76
30 3,000,000 5,368,709.12

The point of this is the power of multiplication and that it is much more powerful than adding. God is a multiplier but there are some things that need to be done before the blessing of multiplication can be done.

1. Resources must be blessed before they are multiplied. For this we go to Luke 9:13 where we find Jesus giving a sermon to some five thousand men. Now these men brought their families so you have to guess that the actual number in attendance was forty thousand or more. The disciples are telling Jesus that His sermon is going long and that the people are hungry (in other words wrap it up and send them on their way). Jesus instead said that they would feed all these people. The disciples gather all the food there; five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus raised the food to heaven and blessed the food and began feeding the people. Everyone ate till they were full and there were twelve baskets of leftovers. God multiplied instead of added.

2. Resources must be given away before they are multiplied. Miles talked about the Dead Sea which is an interesting natural phenomenon. The way this body of water is set up is so that things flow into it but nothing flows out. The water is putrid (thus the name). Many people are like this and horde everything they get and as a result are unable to gain blessings as they are too busy holding on to what they have. In the example above with the penny doubling every day you still need the penny because doubling nothing every day is still nothing.

3. Resources are multiplied to the degree they are given away. Miles reminded us that tithing is tithing; not tipping. We aren’t giving God some change thanks to some good serve for our daily bread. 2 Corinthians 9:6 says it as plainly as can be said; “But this I say: He who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” We all want blessings and the bible tells us how to obtain them.


This 3-part series uncovers the freedom we can attain when we let go of our need/desire for money, and examines Jesus' viewpoint on money. Today we learn that blessings are abundant for those that give their resources with joy.

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