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Love Your City - Part 1, God's Calling
Miles McPherson - February 26, 2012

Message Recap

February 27, 2012 will be the twelfth anniversary of the Rock Church. When we started the church, we wanted to evangelize San Diego, but over the last twelve years, God has given us a clearer, more focused vision about what He wants us to accomplish. Over the course of our new message series, Love Your City, seek God in prayer and ask Him to show you the role you will play in that vision.

As we move forward into 2012 and beyond, God is calling our church to accomplish 4 major initiatives.

1. Multiple Campuses
In addition to our Point Loma and North County campuses, and we want to begin 5 more throughout the county, so that those churches can multiply and effectively reach those communities.

2. 24-hour Online Ministry
We want to expand the online ministry of the church to include live broadcasts of all 5 services, Bible studies, live interaction, and services and worship in various languages to reach diverse communities around the world, 24 hours a day.

3. Global Evangelism Strategy
We have people all around the world doing mission work. We want to raise money to support them.

4. Less Debt, More Hope
The Rock has $35 million of debt on the Point Loma church building, with a first and a second mortgage. If we pay off the second, we will save $27 million in interest. Imagine the ministry that could be done with $27 million!

God has provided for us in incredible ways. He has given us facilities, people, influence, resources, and time. Our goal is to expand what He has provided to reach as many people as possible.

Our goal is to expand what He has provided to reach as many people as possible.

March 26 will be Pledge Day, when Pastor Miles will ask each of us to pledge an offering of money to be given toward pervasive hope over the next three years. An offering is considered “over and above” your tithe (which is a 10% of your income that goes to pay for church operations. And, by the way, we have such an amazing number of people in our church that if everybody simply tithed 10%, we would never have to ask for offerings to pay off debt because we would have everything we need for the ministry God has asked us to do.)

So begin praying today about how God would have you be involved in this three-year pledge toward pervasive hope in our world. Prepare your heart to hear what God wants, because when God speaks to each of us, our job is to listen and obey. Which brings us to Jonah…

God called the prophet Jonah to love the city of Nineveh, but instead of acting as God asked, Jonah refused and ran away. God nudged Jonah against his will because He had plans of hope for Nineveh. His heart was not to judge the sinful city in their wickedness, but to love them and save them.

1. Jonah was called to be unselfish with God’s love.

Has there ever been a time when you didn’t want someone to receive a blessing? Do you want to keep to yourself all the blessings God has given you?

May God give you a love for your community so that you can see people the way He does. God wants you to love your neighbors, the schools, the services and businesses, and everyone in your community. If you ask Him to give you His love for them, He will show you what to do.

2. Jonah was called to be generous with God’s blessings.

There is no limit to what God can do. You have no idea how much He loves you and how generous He is to you. He wants you, in turn, to be generous with others.

The Rock was born a mega-church on day one. But to whom much is given, much is required. Our cry is that we do what God wants with all He has given us.

3. Jonah was called to be a conduit for the blessings of God.

God wanted to send His mercy and blessing down from heaven to flow right through Jonah and He wants to do the same through you for your city. Never pray for someone or a solution to something without being willing to be used in the process. Don’t say, “God, bless that homeless man over there, but don’t use me!” God calls us all to be conduits for His blessing.

Love Your City

This 6-part series shares how God has called the Rock Church to love San Diego and beyond by being a catalyst for Pervasive Hope. In Part 1, learn how Jonah was called to love the city of Nineveh and what happened when he ignored God.

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