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Exposed - Part 8, Quiz
Miles McPherson - July 29, 2012

Message Recap

Exposed is a series about what is exposed in our hearts when we judge people.  We all judge people, but as believers, our judgments show what is in our hearts.  When we judge people we charge them guilty even when we don’t have all the evidence.

We all judge people, but as believers, our judgments show what is in our hearts

One of our greatest problems is that we have an inflated view of ourselves.  We think we are better than we really are.  Pastor Miles calls this a brotherly love dysfunction.  We tend to think of ourselves as better especially when those around us make mistakes.  But the truth of the matter is that we all make mistakes.  Our natural tendency is to kick others when they are down.  We don’t easily forgive mistakes, but instead judge other’s mistakes.  The Bible tells us to do something entirely different as believers.  We are instructed to bear one another’s burdens, and forgive others.

Over the course of this series we learned that we often adopt a “genie God” relationship.  We view our relationship with God as one in which He serves us and our needs and punishes other people.  We solely look to God as a wish granter, because we have an inflated view of ourselves. But that is not who God is to us.  These ideas and beliefs cultivate in us the foundation of our judgmental spirit.

Instead of worrying about other people’s sin, we need to recognize these faulty attitudes within ourselves.

Build Relationships not Barriers

The problem in dealing with the sin in others is that we create barriers by our judgments. Instead we can build relationships because we choose to love others instead of constantly judging them. This doesn’t mean we have to agree with everything other people do. In fact it is important that we do not. However, we can begin to build this love for others by celebrating what is the same between us. What is the same? We are all, every single one of us, made in God’s image. Knowing we are made in God’s image shows us that we will never find true fulfillment outside of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Think of someone in your life whose lifestyle is different than yours and unbiblical. Your job is to be a bridge builder to them and Jesus. How do we do this? We surely don’t do that through judging them and kicking them while they’re down. Rather we do this by loving them and showing them that God accepts them as they are. But that doesn’t mean that He won’t be working in their lives the same way He has ours. God accepts us as we are, but He doesn’t plan on keeping us that way.

Man versus God

Where do you put your trust? Who determines the quality of your life? Often times when it comes to politics we tend to put all of our passion and trust in one man versus putting our whole trust and passion in God. God made man and our government. God determines the quality of our life, and that can depend on how we interact with Him, and our level of trust in and passion for Him.

No man can change the world. Only God can. If we trust more in man we are seriously overestimating the good in man. God is good and we can always wholly trust Him. He will take care of us more than any political leader we could elect to office.

Avoid the Drama

Sometimes we think if we gossip we will distract God from our own sin. Sometimes we are more committed to proving how much we know versus who we know. We think that the more we highlight someone else’s failures the better we will feel.

We need to remember and live to, as believers, what God tells us in His Holy Word.

The truth is the criticism we pour out exposes the truth of what’s in our hearts. We need to remember and live to, as believers, what God tells us in His Holy Word. He calls us to love, forgive, bear one another’s burdens, and speak what builds other us up, not to tear them down.


This 8-part series uses celebrity culture to display how Jesus models unconditional love. In Part 8, Pastor Miles recaps the Exposed series to disclose to us what is in our hearts when we judge other people.

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