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In The Movies - Part 3, Gospel Amnesia
Danny Quimlat - August 19, 2012

Message Recap

The movie, 50 First Dates is about a young woman (Drew Barrymore) who has been in a car accident and has lost her memory, even for the man who loves her (Adam Sandler).  However, this man dedicates his life to helping her remember their love for each other, pursuing every idea He can think of to regain the love she has forgotten.

But despite our “spiritual amnesia,” God relentlessly pursues us.   He makes it his mission to remind us of His love and that He has given us grace and redemption through His Son.

As we live out Christianity day by day, sometimes we can easily forget how much God loves us.  Stress, relationships, responsibilities, and circumstances can make us forget God’s sovereignty and power.  We can even forget the weight of our sin and how much we are in need of a Savior.  But despite our “spiritual amnesia,” God relentlessly pursues us.   He makes it his mission to remind us of His love and that He has given us grace and redemption through His Son.

1. Redemption - Romans 3:23-25, Gal 4:4-7, Phil 2

Definition: Bought with a price; deliverance or liberation, usually from oppression or bondage.

We need redemption from ourselves.

. . .for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement,[a] through the shedding of his blood . . . Romans 3:23-25a

Through Jesus’ death, God’s wrath for sin is satisfied and we inherit Jesus’ righteousness.  When we choose to follow Christ, we become a part of God’s royal family, and He our loving “Abba” Daddy.

2. We need to stop trying to be the hero and start looking to the True Hero. John 3:16-17

Here, Pastor Danny showed a movie clip in which a hard-working father, who is a locksmith, comes home late and goes in to kiss his daughter goodnight.  Instead of finding her in her bed, he finds her hiding under the bed, afraid of a noise she heard that reminds her of a bullet that once came through her window in a former, more dangerous neighborhood.  Instead of using force or authority to place her back into bed where she belongs, he recognizes her fear and brokenness and gets down on his stomach to go into the space where she is.  He tells her a story about an invisible cloak that always protects him, which he gives to her, assuring her fears.

Isn’t this what Jesus has done for us?  Recognizing our broken, helpless condition, He left the perfection of Heaven and entered our imperfect world to come to our rescue.

In every super hero movie, the hero has experienced some tremendous pain, brokenness or hardship in his/her life, but has chosen to rise above his/her circumstances, taking charge and using good power to the benefit of the world.  Conversely, the super villains involved have experienced an equal amount of trial and pain, however, their decision is to rise up in wrath, intent on bringing everyone down to their level of misery.

Like the super hero and super villains in the movies, each of us will experience heartache, brokenness, and conflict in the natural course of life.  But having the power to save and redeem ourselves an others is a false belief.  In God’s story, we cannot choose to be hero or villain.  Rather, our choice is whether or not to turn to the True Hero who actually has the power, authority, and love to redeem us.

In today’s final movie clip, a man who has been the victim of racism and violence turns violent against the locksmith father, whom he wrongly blames for the incident.  He goes to the locksmith’s house, with a gun, seeking justice.  When the little girl sees her father at gunpoint, she rushes out to give him her invisible cloak of protection.  The gun is fired and she takes the bullet, but miraculously, they are both unharmed. (We later learn that the gun was only loaded with blanks.)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Like the little girl in this story, Jesus was completely innocent, but He loved us so much that He leaped in front of a “deadly bullet” to save us.  But unlike this little girl, Jesus really did die.  He really was tortured, belittled, beaten, and humiliated – all for us.  We can easily go about our daily lives without thinking about this fact.  What’s more, we forget that we can easily be the shooter as well as the target.  In our sin, we are angry, bitter, unforgiving, and can victimize as much as we are the victim.  But He still chooses to redeem us in His love.

3. The Gospel: God rescues us back to Himself through the person and work of Jesus Christ on our behalf.

As you remember God’s redemption through Jesus, remember how good the Gospel tastes. Colossians 1:13-14

Remember the good news: Jesus has set us free.  How good it tastes!  Share it with others and let them experience God’s love for themselves.

Pastor Danny recounted one final story based in Civil War times, of a little black slave girl being sold in the market.  On the platform she stands with clenched fists.  With every bidding price shouted out, a price for her life, she is filled with more rage and bitterness.  Then one bidder comes forward with a ridiculously high payment and instantly becomes her new master.  As she goes to him, he explains that he has bought her freedom; she may say whatever she wants, be whatever she wants, go wherever she wants.  In reply, she tells him, “Then I want to go with you.”  When we experience incredible sacrificial love and redemption on our behalf, where else would we rather be than with the giver of the incredible gift?

Remember the good news: Jesus has set us free.  How good it tastes!  Share it with others and let them experience God’s love for themselves.

In The Movies

This 4-part series explores the idea that God is the great director and ultimate screenwriter, and He has a role for you. In Part 3, Pastor Danny speaks about how God pursues us every day despite the fact that we easily forget how much He loves us.

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