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God In The Mirror - Part 5, God's Friend
Miles McPherson - May 19, 2013

Message Recap

God made us all in His image so that when He looked at us, it would be as if He were looking in the mirror, as His attributes would be reflected back to Him.  Continuing our series on the aspects of God’s I.M.A.G.E., today Pastor Miles spoke about our ability to be friends of God (“G”).

I ndividually unique
M oral mirror
A uthority to rule
G od’s friend
E ternal

(1 John 3:2, 1 Corinthians 13:12 , 2 Corinthians 3:1)

Have you ever thought about why God created people?  He’s in heaven receiving worship much better than the earth can provide.  Being a triune God, He is never lonely.  He lacks nothing.  So why would He create people?  He made us for a specific reason, just as all behavior is purposeful.

1. God created us to enjoy what He enjoys - loving relationships. Genesis 2:18, John 17:20-26

After God made each part of creation, He declared it to be good.  There was only one thing that God said was not good in His creation, which was for man to be alone (Genesis 2).

God created people because He is a God of love and He desired that man should enjoy loving relationships just as He did, as a reflection of Himself.

God created people because He is a God of love and He desired that man should enjoy loving relationships just as He did (John 17:20-26), as a reflection of Himself.  Think about how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relate to one another: the Father sends the Son, the Son sends the Holy Spirit to His believers after He ascends into heaven, the Holy Spirit points everyone back to the Son, the Son only says what the Father gives Him authority to say, the Father glorifies the Son, and the Son points people to the Father. Their purposes are never self-centered, but always bringing glory to the other and serving the other.

God wants us to have sacrificial and loving relationships as He does.  Medical research has shown that if you have no loving relationships, you will die within 7-10 years.  But research also shows that if you have 5 close friends to encourage, affirm, and support you, then you have a good chance of being happy.   This is because we were created with a need to live in relationship with others, including God.

2. Satan’s goal is to destroy your God relationship. Genesis 3, Job 1, Matthew 4

The devil speaks three times in the Bible (Genesis 3, Job 1, and Matthew 4).  Each time he speaks, his goal is to destroy the relationship between man and God. 

Whether you realize it or not, the devil has a relationship with you.  He knows who you are, and he knows how to tempt you.  What is he doing in your life right now?  In what ways is he tempting you not to trust God?  What will you do to rebuke that?

3. Jesus died for His friends. John 15:13

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.”  John 15:13-14

If you want to be a friend to Jesus, obey Him.  Many people live life in rebellion to God and say they love Him, but their very lives, words and actions show that they don’t love Him at all.  They would rather do whatever they want while disregarding God’s desires.  Jesus loves us and laid his life down by serving, performing miracles, preaching, teaching, and walking in ministry.  He modeled to us how to trust and live in relationship with the Father every day, not only through His death on the cross.

That’s God’s desire for us – to learn to trust Him and walk with Him every single day.  Just as children learn to try new things and let go of their natural fears, we must learn to trust and walk with God.  Our faith should be based on fact, not feeling.  God teaches us by allowing us to experience difficult situations; in those, His desire is that we would have faith and pray, that we can then recognize His provision for us and learn to trust Him more.

So in what ways can you take a step closer in your friendship with God?  How can you trust Him more and obey Him more?

God In The Mirror

This 6-part series examines what it means to display the image of God through our lives. In Part 5, Pastor Miles talks about how God created us to enjoy loving relationships with Him.

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