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Born Identity
Miles McPherson - December 24, 2013

Message Recap

When Pastor Miles first accepted Christ as his Savior, he did not think of himself as a public speaker; he had an identity at birth of which he was not aware.  But over time, God spoke to Miles and challenged him to do His will, developing Miles to bring His Gospel to thousands.

Jesus is eternal, but He came to earth through Mary at an appointed time and He had a purpose and identity before He was born.

Today’s message speaks of the identity of Christ that God established in the Bible.  Jesus is eternal, but He came to earth through Mary at an appointed time and He had a purpose and identity before He was born.  Here is what the Old Testament prophet Isaiah had to say about Jesus long before He was born:

For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

In this passage, Jesus is given four royal titles:

1, Wonderful Counselor

Baby Jesus was born not simply to make a Christmas holiday or to have a life and die.  He was born to die for our sin, rise from dead, and become a Savior for us that we may enter a relationship with him.  This is not the same thing as religion, which is a set of rules that you try to follow as best you can.  Rather, it is a relationship of oneness that we were meant to enjoy, just as Jesus enjoys a relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity (Genesis 1:26).

Can you think of a problem in your life that needs wisdom?  Jesus wants to be your Wonderful Counselor to help you with your additctions, self esteem, and any dilemma you may be facing.

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’  Jeremiah 33:3

2. Mighty God

God is a mighty God.  Jesus was born, lived, died, and rose from the dead to have a relationship with you and be your Mighty God.  You need a Mighty God because you have a mighty enemy and mighty problems.  Satan is a mastermind and can deceive you into even destroying yourself.  When you give your life to Jesus, he becomes your strength to carry your burdens and defeat your enemy.  He carries the burden of your sin on His shoulders so that you don’t have to.

3. Everlasting Father

Jesus is a separate being from the Father of the Trinity, but He is also called the Father of Salvation, the Eternal Protector, and the Eternal Provider.  Jesus wants to provide for you, protect you, and be there for you every day in every situation of your life.  He promises in His Word to never leave you or forsake you.

Think of the birds that sing outside in the early morning.  They have no food, yet they sing, and God protects and cares for them.  The only way you can have joy day by day is by faith that God will care for you and provide for your needs.

4. Prince of Peace

Imagine a glassy lake on a sunny day.  Trees are all around on the mountains, wildlife is present and active, and everything is in order.  There is no chaos or confusion.  This is a beautiful picture of peace.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  He wants to take all the chaos out of your life and make your heart still.

All of us are sinners and our sin separates us from experiencing the love of God.  All the things you may do in your life to seek peace, direction, success, etc. are going nowhere because you can’t erase or overcome your own sin.  But God knew this already and loved your from the foundations of time, so He sent His own Son to pay the death penalty of your spiritual offenses against God.  The alternative is to be eternally separated from God.  Hell is a place God will never go, never bring His love, mercy or forgiveness.

But He offers you a loving gift of mercy and forgiveness.  While we were helpless and hopeless to overcome sin on our own, God sent his sinless Son to earth to be tortured and killed as a payment for sin. The death of the sinless God-man Jesus satisfies the penalty for sin in God’s eyes, and He rises from the dead to prove His power over death.

Jesus is eternal, but He came to earth through Mary at an appointed time and He had a purpose and identity before He was born.

In order for your to receive that gift that Jesus offers, you need to give your life to Him and believe that He died for you and rose from the dead.  If He is to be your Savior, Lord, Master, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, and Prince of Peace, you must accept him and believe in Him!  Only God knows what identity you were born to have, and only He can fulfill it in your life!

This Message

In this message, Pastor Miles talks about the born identity of Jesus Chris: Jesus was born to die for our sins because we could not cleanse and free ourselves from our own sin. God can set us free, if we accept Him as our savior.

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