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Kingdom Come - Part 2, Kingdom of God Rulers
Miles McPherson - March 2, 2014

Message Recap

We all have people in our lives who are always negative.  When it’s raining, they focus on the possibility of flood; when it’s sunny, they can only see a terrible drought without enough water!  But God is always about the positive. Though He may not approve of everything you’ve done, He loves you, He thinks good thoughts toward you, and He wants the best for you. 

From the beginning when God created people, His creation had a purpose.  Our purpose as humans is to fulfill the will of God on earth.

From the beginning when God created people, His creation had a purpose.  Our purpose as humans is to fulfill the will of God on earth.  For all of 2014, we will be exploring ways in which we can fulfill God’s will on earth as in heaven.

Pastor Miles reviewed the reason for the stage being set up like a living room.  As limited objects, all the pieces of furniture and accessories were designed, made, and placed by someone more intelligent than they are.  The same concept applies to the universe.  If we can clearly agree that a simple living room could not accidentally happen, but was designed and executed by an intelligent creator, then it would be unscientific for us to believe that our bodies, our world, or that all the infinitely complex elements of our universe were accidental or were created by nothing.

God is the Designer who created everything.  Just as the living room designer expressed his own purpose in his creation, so God the Designer has expressed His will in creation.  He purposefully made plants, bugs, birds, fruits and vegetables, animals, etc.  Genesis tells us that God’s will was done in creation and that it was good.

  • God’s will was done when God created the heavens and earth.  Genesis 1-2
  • God’s will was done in man when he was made in God’s image.  Genesis 1:26-31

You and I were created as God’s image-bearers.  His intent for us was that when He sees us, we would be so much like Him that it will be like looking in the mirror. He desires for us to speak graciously as He does, have patience as He does, love as He does, etc.   We are made to bear His I.M.A.G.E.:

  • Individually unique
  • Moral mirror (to reflect His morality, not create our own)
  • Authority to rule
  • God’s friend (to be in relationship with Him, with personality and the ability to love)
  • Eternal

So how can God’s will be done on earth through us? How can God see His own passions, ideas, and expression executed through us in an honorable way?

God’s will is to be done by man by:

1. Multiplying and filling the earth with other carriers of God’s image.

When God created Adam and Eve, He told them to be fruitful and multiply. His will was that they, His sinless creation designed to be in relationship with one another and with Himself, would create more bearers of His image to govern the earth.

As Christians, we need to be fruitful and multiply God’s disciples on earth.  Jesus commands us to make disciples of all nations, that they can learn God’s ways and govern the earth in accordance with His will.

2. Exercising dominion over the earth. (Dominion: power, authority, rule or lordship, governance)

When a new baby is born into a family, its parents work to create an environment where it will be safe, comfortable, nourished, and educated so that it has everything it needs to grow into the adult God has created him/her to be.  If you are a husband, as the head of house, you should create such an environment where your wife and children can grow into the people God wants them to be.  If you are a leader over a group or organization, then you should be creating an environment where the people can flourish and accomplish God’s will for them.

Similarly, God created the earth as a nourishing home that could provide everything we needed.  He commands us to have dominion over the earth – to protect it, care for it, and ensure that it can continue to foster His will.  He granted us the intelligence to govern according to His will.

3. Subduing the earth. Genesis 4:6, 1 John 3:8, James 4:7  (Subdue: tread or trample on, overcome, enslave, bring into subjection)

God knew that the day would come when Adam and Eve (and we) would confront our enemy.  Therefore, He gave us authority over evil and the ability to overcome it. This is important to understand, because the world can sometimes be overwhelmed with pain, evil, and suffering that can make us feel defeated, but God calls us to overcome it and equips us with the power and authority to do so.

4. Jesus offers you all the authority necessary to have dominion over your life and subdue the works of Satan in your life. Matthew 28:19-20

Jesus gives you the opportunity to take back what Adam and Eve gave up.  In the fall, sin was introduced, and separation from God ensued, but power returns by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Jesus has all authority and dominion in heaven and on earth and wants to grant us that authority so that we can exercise it in our lives.  Without Christ, we may not be able to overcome the issues we face—addiction, depression, temptation – but in Jesus we have the power and authority needed to overcome.

God wants more than for you to survive; He wants you to thrive eternally by the blood of His Son.  Have you invited Him in?

Kingdom Come

This 4-part series examines what it really means to the have the kingdom of God here on earth and how to release the power of God in your life. In Part 2, Pastor Miles talks about how God's will is to be done through us.

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