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Thy Will Be Done - Part 1, Satanic Agreements
Miles McPherson - March 23, 2014

Message Recap

His plan was for people to govern the earth as He would, that His will would be done on earth as in heaven.

When God created the earth, His plan was for people to govern the earth as He would, that His will would be done on earth as in heaven.  But when the devil came, he deceived Adam and Eve by convincing them that God had not been truthful to them.  When they sinned, they made an agreement with the devil. 

Everyone has an agreement or contract with the devil.  We believe his lies, and then those beliefs or agreements lead to obligations that enslave us.  There is only one way to break these agreements: by the authority of Jesus Christ.

1. Evil will speak and lie to you.

Genesis 3 tells us that the devil is cunning.  His goal is to get authority over you and separate you from God, so he speaks lies about who God is and who you are in order to break down your trust of God.

2. Speaking with evil leads to agreements with evil.

Agreement - an arrangement between parties regarding a course of action;
- You agree to ask his advice and then permission.
- You agree to act on his advice and counsel.

Just as Adam and Eve decided to make an agreement with the devil – to believe him instead of God, we all make agreements with the devil—about how we see ourselves, others, our future, and our potential—that are not aligned with God’s word to us.  For example, whereas God says He loves us just as we are, the devil says we have to earn love, assert ourselves over others, or sleep around in order to be loved.

There is always a “therefore” involved with agreements.  When you believe something, you submit yourself to an action as a consequence.  You believe that God has a good plan for you, therefore you will trust His leading.  But the same is true with the devil’s agreements.  You believe that you are fat and ugly, therefore you will not care for yourself properly or accept compliments.

What agreements do you have in the different areas of your life?  If you examine each aspect of your life and relationships, you will find satanic entanglements.  What do you have in your life that is based solely on God’s promises without any contingency plan?

3. Agreements with evil give it legal authority over an aspect of your life and places you in its care. Job 1-2; Luke 4; 1 Corinthians 10:12-13; 1 Corinthians 5:1-5; Ephesians 2

Power is the ability to do something.
 Authority is the right to do something.

When you have an agreement with the devil, you give him legal authority over that area of your life, legal jurisdiction to punish you.  If you believe the devil’s lies over God’s word, then you may as well go ahead and follow the devil whole-heartedly.  He will cause you suffering as you give him permission to beat you down, but hopefully you will someday realize the truth of God’s love for you and His Word for you.  Follow God or follow the devil, but don’t be both ways – you must decide who your master is.

4. Agreements are broken by the authority of Christ. Matthew 28:19-20

When you realize that the devil is out to destroy and lie to you, it’s time to break the contract.  Although you are helpless and spiritually enslaved, and by yourself do not have the authority to overcome him, Jesus does. Jesus lived, died and paid the price for Adam’s sin, rose from dead and took back the authority that Adam lost.  The only thing that can overcome the strong man is a Stronger Man – Jesus.

To break the agreements you have with the devil, you must command him out of your life in the name of Jesus, agreeing to wholeheartedly follow Christ in every area of your life.

In Jesus’ name, I break all agreements and contracts I’ve made with the devil.
 In Jesus’ name, I break the power of evil spirits involved in my life.
 In Jesus’ name, I command you out of my life.
 I agree with all of my heart to follow Jesus.

Thy Will Be Done

This 6-part series examines what it means to have the kingdom of God on earth and how to release God's power in your life. In Part 1, Pastor Miles talks about how we make agreements with the devil; and how we can break these agreements by the authority of Jesus Christ.

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