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My Story - Part 3, I Was, Part II
Miles McPherson - March 15, 2015

Message Recap


Since March 1, the Rock has experienced 6,259 people coming to Christ. Out of these numbers, only 19 have come from Gospel Central, but we are just getting started!

Pastor Miles shared part of the story of how he and his wife got married in order to illustrate that marriage symbolizes the Lord and his Church becoming one.   In becoming engaged and getting married, there is an invitation to a relationship and an agreement, commitment, and consummation of the relationship.

When someone prays the sinner’s prayer, s/he accepts the Lord's invitation to a relationship.

When someone prays the sinner’s prayer, s/he accepts the Lord's invitation to a relationship. There is an agreement or vow to accompany this agreement, as if saying, “Yes, Lord, I believe, let’s get married and become one. Come into my life and I will agree to walk with you and follow you for the rest of my days.” (See Matthew 4:18, Matthew 9)

Sharing your testimony involves three parts: I Was…, Then Jesus…, Since Then…
  The Gospel Central app can walk you through the writing of these parts to complete your testimony so that you will be able to simply share how you are walking with God and how He is changing your life.

Last week we crafted Part 1 of our testimonies:

My name is _______________and I grew up in __________.
Before giving my heart to God, my life/heart was__________________________ (lonely, empty, discouraged, lost).
I believed I would be happy if I ________________ (was rich, famous, successful, etc.).
For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to __________________ (drink all night, go on a shopping binge, etc.) to try to fill the emptiness in my heart.
After a while, my behavior began to make me feel______________________(shameful, empty, hopeless, depressed, etc.), and that wasn’t working for me.

This week we are writing Part 2 together:

At this point in my life, my belief about God was _______________.
But it wasn’t until I heard (or experienced) _______________ and that Jesus _______________ that I began to consider trusting God with my life. I finally decided that I wanted to receive Jesus as my Savior, so when I was _______________, I proceeded to _______________. Afterwards, I didn’t view _______________as my ultimate source of happiness anymore. I now know that the only way to finally receive joy and contentment is _______________.

Next week we will continue with the last portion of our testimonies.

When people are touched by your story and desire to give their lives to Christ, this is a very easy way to help them do this.  You can learn it and share with others:

Gospel A-B-C’s
Father, I Admit that I am a sinner and that my sin has brought death and destruction into my life, my relationships with people, and my relationship with God. (Romans 3:23, 6:23)
I Believe that Jesus died for my sins and that His death paid the penalty for my sins. (Romans 5:8)
I Confess or agree that Jesus is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead, and is able to forgive me of my sins. (Romans 10:9-10)
Jesus, I trust that You love me and can hear my prayer. By faith, I ask You to please forgive me and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I surrender my life to You. I pray this in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Begin practicing telling your story to others in very plain language.  Sharing your testimony is something you will continue to work on for the rest of your life, but this is a start!  If after sharing your story, a person accepts Christ, please text the word SAVED to 59769.

My Story

This 4-part series challenges us to use our story to encourage people in Jesus' name. In Part 3, Pastor Miles continues to teach us how to write our story about what our lives where like before accepting Jesus as our Savior.

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