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True Lovers - Part 5, True Lovers Serve
Miles McPherson - May 17, 2015

Message Recap

The Five Love Languages
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time: Uninterrupted time in God’s presence
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

God’s Word tells us that to love God is to obey God.

God gave us these five love languages, with one or two serving as our prominent love language. As God displays and receives all five love languages, we want to know and work on all of them. Today we will focus on Acts of Service, which is very important because scripture tells us that to love God is to obey God. We should not rely solely on our feelings for God, but rather on action. Are you willing to love Him by serving Him?

Philippians is a letter that the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Philippi. Even though he wrote the letter from prison, he wrote of how much joy he had. He claims he is nothing but a servant of Christ and that even death is a benefit to him, because it will bring him to God. Paul had the heart of a servant; he was willing to go wherever God led and do whatever God asked him to do.

If you want to be a servant and have a servant’s heart, you need to have the mind of a servant. (See Mark 9:35, Mark 20:24-29, Mark 10:45.)

Do you have the mindset of a servant of God?

1. Are you willing to surrender worldly status for spiritual service?

We need to give up caring about our earthly status and focus on the eternal. (Phil 2:5)

As Jesus humbled Himself to serve us, we ought to have the same humble heart, being willing to serve those “lower than” us. When we exalt ourselves, we fall, but when we humble ourselves, God is able to lift us up. Where have you placed yourself?

When we confess our love for God, this means that we will be obedient to Him. He died on the cross for us; we lay down our lives for Him as a living sacrifice. As the Lord’s servants, we need to tell Him we are here for whatever He needs, whenever He needs it.

2. In what ways are you not willing to serve God?

Is there something you say “no” to when God asks? Is there a ministry opportunity that you know you are perfectly suited for, yet you just don’t feel like committing to it or giving up your time to serve?

Jesus gave it all for us – even His life.

3. Are you willing to pursue praise from God more than man?

God may be calling you today to do something, but maybe you are not doing it because you are worried about what others think. This could be something as simple as lifting your hands in worship – maybe you feel like you want to do this, reaching out to God, but you are afraid that others are watching. But scripture tells us not to focus on the praise of man, but the approval of the Father.

Remember, Jesus was lifted up when He humbled Himself. It is the same for us; promotion comes from God, so it’s not something we should take for ourselves. Rather, we should follow Jesus’ lead, humble ourselves and allow God to lift us up.

Just going to church doesn’t mean you are a Christian. Christians follow Jesus and are obedient to the will of the Father. We can measure our love for God by how quickly and completely we respond when He asks us to do something.

To learn more about the 5 Love Languages, go to

True Lovers

This 8-part series teaches us how we can best love in a way others are designed to receive it, and love in the God-glorifying way we were designed to give it. In Part 5, Pastor Miles inspires us to demonstrate our love for God by serving Him.

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