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Revolution Sunday
Miles McPherson and campus pastors - February 14, 2016

Message Recap

This Sunday as we launch Point Loma as a Rock campus, Pastor Miles sat down with our five campus pastors to talk about our multi-site model, how each campus is unique, and how they are all connected as one Rock Church.

There is a purpose for our church as a whole, which is to Save, Equip, Send.

There is a purpose for our church as a whole, which is to Save (dedicating lives to Jesus), Equip (in Life Class – learning how God has uniquely designed each one of us, discovering our individual ministries, and joining a Life Group), and Send (reaching out in service to the community). San Diego’s current statistics include:

  • 3.26 million people
  • 444 suicides/year
  • 8700 homeless people
  • 32,000 arrests/year
  • 800,000 students

We can’t reach all of these people with one campus, which is why the Rock has expanded into a multi-campus church. Each campus has a specific responsibility, area, and population of San Diego on which to focus. Today, our cmapus pastors asked we ask that everyone take a stake for the campus s/he attends, and to place it somewhere in the ground where you live to represent the Rock’s movement of staking a claim right where you are, not just attending church.

As we launch Point Loma as a campus today, Pastor Miles wanted to reassure everyone that he is not going anywhere. Rather, he will continue to preach and sometimes travel to preach live at the various campuses from week to week. The role of the campus pastor is to lead the staff and the ministry that happens at their campus and in their neighborhood.

Our five campus pastors are:

  • North County – Jason Mayer
  • East County – Ricky Page
  • City Heights – Micah Whitley
  • San Ysidro – Travis Gibson
  • Point Loma – Marcus Preciado

Each pastor shared some of his background history, some unique specifics about his area, and one aspect of his role that he believes is important as a campus pastor.

Ricky Page – East County 

Ricky shared that as a young man, he was on a road heading away from God, but at age 19 he surrendered his life to the Lord. He is married to his wife Nova and they have two children.

East County has a population of about 500,000 people.

One in every seven people in East County is a veteran, about 6,000 people are disabled, and there is a condensed population of Chaldeans (about 50,000).

Ricky sees that one of his roles as campus pastor is to be a part of the East County community and make sure that the people there are being served. That’s why he has a goal to see lots of activity happening in the building which God has given them.

Travis Gibson – San Ysidro 

Travis grew up in Christian home and rededicated his life to the Lord at 17. He met his wife at the Rock and they now have a baby girl.

The San Ysidro campus meets at San Ysidro High School, where it is set up and torn down every week. This past Christmas, they were able to mobilize 1,000 people to serve at the Toys for Joy event.

Travis sees one of his roles as campus pastor to be a cheerleader for his community. As Jesus said in the book of Luke that the Son of Man did not come to serve Himself but to give His life,  Travis desires to live sacrificially and serve his community.

Micah Whitley – City Heights

Micah was raised in a godly home, but grew up as an angry and violent child. At age 18 he discovered Christ for himself and experienced an amazing transformation of heart. He is married to his wife DeeDee.

The City Heights campus meets at the intersection of I-15 and El Cajon Blvd and there are about 1300 attendees. Jesus said in Matthew 5 that we are the light of the world and that we are to   let men see our good works to be able to glorify your Father in heaven. His desire is to do just that in City Heights – to be touchable as the hands and feet of Jesus to the people there.

Micah sees one of his roles as loving the staff at his campus, being available to serve them and their volunteer teams as a conduit of Jesus’ love and grace. He reminded us that we can’t love unless we make ourselves available.

Jason Mayer – North County

Jason gave his life to the Lord in 2008. Prior to that, he was seeking fulfillment in girls, money, and success, but was left empty and broken. He finally surrendered and sought what God wanted for his life. He is married to Carissa and they have a baby daughter.

North County has a population of 900,000 people. This campus is located in San Marcos and has 1,200 attendees. It is one of the wealthiest areas in the entire nation, yet also houses condensed areas of poverty.  John 13:34 says that we shall be known by our love for one another. He desires his community to experience the love God has for them and the self-sacrificial love they have to offer one another.

Jason reminds us that we can’t expect a culture to create itself. He sees that one of his duties is to lead the culture of his church community. He challenged all of us to let go of the notion that the Rock is too big of a place to be known and experience a family feel. We all need to stop and take time to get to know people in order to feel like family.

Marcus Preciado – Point Loma

Marcus was a pastor’s kid born in Panama. He grew up in North Carolina in a military family, attended SDSU where he met his wife Tracy, and now has four children. Marcus has been a part of Rock Church since the very first Sunday in February of 2000. He began personally following the Lord at the age of 25 after hearing Pastor Miles preach at Horizon.

The Point Loma campus has been the hub from which all the other campuses were launched. It has approximately 7,400 attendees. Revelation 7:9 gives us a glimpse of heaven where there is a multitude of people of all kinds glorifying God. The diversity of the Rock reflects that and gives us the unique opportunity to minister to many different kinds of people. This year the Point Loma campus is going to be part of the OB Christmas Parade and is diving in to be a part of what the community is doing.

Marcus will be overseeing Life Classes and equipping, and ministering to the community. He wants to take what he has learned from the other campus pastors and bring that community feel to Point Loma. He introduced some of his key leaders and asked us to pray for the staff of 40 who will be serving the Point Loma campus.

Pastor Miles closed by asking us all to pray for our campus and its pastor, as well as the unity of all the Rock Pastors. Though we are multiple campuses, we are one church and need to remain in great communication and moving toward our common vision of Pervasive Hope.

Finally, the pastors challenged us to take a stake to claim in our community. Though Satan has claimed territory of the earth as his own, Proverbs tells us that the earth and everything in it belongs to the Lord. We want to claim ownership for our own communities and reach out to them in love and service!

This Message

In this message, Rock Church campus pastors discuss what it means for us to be "One Church in Many Locations", what makes each campus unique and how each campus reaches out to their surrounding communities.

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