Part 4


Relationship Goals - Part 4, X-Men

Miles McPherson - April 2, 2017
This 7-part series shares biblical principles to create healthy relationships modeled after the Trinity. In Part 4, Pastor Miles discusses God’s intention for oneness in sex, how sexual sin destroys, and how God can restore what has been broken.
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Messages in this Series

Relationship Goals - Part 1, Lessons from the Trinity

Miles McPherson · Mar 12, 2017

Relationship Goals - Part 2, Perfect Love

Miles McPherson · Mar 19, 2017

Relationship Goals - Part 3, Comparability

Miles McPherson · Mar 26, 2017

Relationship Goals - Part 4, X-Men

Miles McPherson · Apr 2, 2017

Relationship Goals - Part 5, Violated

Miles McPherson · Apr 23, 2017

Relationship Goals - Part 6, Windshields and Rear-view Mirrors

Ricky Page · Apr 30, 2017

Relationship Goals - Part 7, Love DTR

Miles McPherson · May 7, 2017

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