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Kingdom Warrior - Part 3, Kingdom Power
Miles McPherson - August 20, 2017

Message Recap

In the Kingdom Warrior series, we have learned that there are two spiritual kingdoms at war: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the devil. We have learned that a kingdom warrior declares kingdom of God, demonstrates the kingdom of God, and destroys the work of the devil. This power is given by the Holy Spirit, who is our teacher.

A kingdom warrior declares kingdom of God, demonstrates the kingdom of God, and destroys the work of the devil.

Today’s message is about taking our relationship with the Holy Spirit to the next level so that we can love God more and so that He will be able to love more through us.

BAPTIZE {Baptizo} - Immerse, saturate, or overwhelm. 

The Bible teaches us about three kinds of baptism:

1. Baptism by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ. (Family of God) 1 Corinthians 12:13

When you get saved, you are baptized into the body of Christ, and you receive the Holy Spirit.

2. Water baptism into discipleship. Matthew 28:18-20

The outward expression of the new life that has happened inside.

3. Each gospel taught Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit. Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:8, Luke 3:16, John 1:33

Each of the four gospels gives an account of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and each teaches that Jesus will baptize us with in the Holy Spirit.

  • The disciples received the Holy Spirit. John 20:22

    If you have been saved, then you have received the Holy Spirit. You have been spiritually born again as a new creature in Christ. To illustrate the receiving of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Miles squirted chocolate syrup into a glass of milk.

  • Jesus told the disciples to wait for the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Acts 1:4-5

    Jesus told his disciples, who were believers who had followed Him for three years, that their baptism in the Holy Spirit had not yet happened and that without it, they were not ready or empowered to do what they would need to do after He departed.

  • The disciples were baptized or filled with the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:1-4

    The disciples had already received the Holy Spirit, but Jesus told them to wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit came upon them, they were filled.

    Being given the gift of the Holy Spirit is different from being filled with the Holy Spirit. This filling of your soul empowers you for service, fills you with His love, and deals with all the garbage in your life. To illustrate this, Pastor Miles took a big spoon and thoroughly stirred the chocolate into the milk. This is like the Spirit rushing through your whole being, to fill you with love, banish fear, and give you a sound mind. If your soul is burdened with negativity, you aren’t going to fix yourself - you need this kingdom power!

    God wants to saturate your thoughts and emotions, fill you, empower you, allow you to see things as He sees them, give you patience, joy, and self-control. He wants to be part of every aspect of your life. But remember, it’s up to you to yield to Him and comply with what He asks of you - He is a gentleman and never forces Himself upon you.

  • Other believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit after salvation. Acts 8:12-17, Acts 10:44-46, Acts 19:1-7

    These people believed, then they were baptized, and then they received the Holy Spirit through prayer. The spirit fell upon them and was poured out upon them. You need this power of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the kingdom of God in power.

  • Paul taught us to be continually baptized in the Spirit. Ephesians 5:18

    When you are drunk, your senses are impaired; you feel different, see differently, move differently, act differently, and perceive things differently. Then the affect wears off, so if you want that feeling again, you have to get drunk again.

    Paul declares that we should not be drunk with wine, but filled with the Spirit, which has a similar need to be continually re-filled. If you don’t continue to pursue God or you mentally push Him away, that filling of the Holy Spirit and its power in your life will wear off...and the negative garbage that filled your soul before will come back. This is a constant battle with the continual need for the filling of the Holy Spirit.

  • Believers are promised the Holy Spirit if they ask. Luke 11:13

    Do you want more of God’s wisdom in your life? Do you want to experience power, love, peace, and a sound mind? Then you must continue to “stir the cup of chocolate milk” and don’t let the chocolate settle to the bottom of the glass.

    The Word teaches that all you have to do to get this baptism of the Holy Spirit is to ask. Pray that you will be immersed in the Holy Spirit, that He would saturate your soul and fill you with love and power so that you can demonstrate the kingdom of God in your life and ministry to others!


  • Physical Body
  • Flesh and blood


  • Mind, conscience, will, emotions, personality
  • Fear, jealousy, anger, envy, lust, racism, depression, all other negative thoughts (Galations 5:19-21)


  • Spiritual self
  • Born again (John 3:3
  • New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Sealed by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13
  • Made Alive (Ephesians 2:4-6
  • Seated in Heaven (Ephesians 2:4-6
  • In Christ (Ephesians 2:4-6
  • Christ lives in us (Galatians 2:20

Kingdom Warrior

This 9-part series examines scriptures that look into God’s Kingdom and our place within it. In Part 3, Pastor Miles examines the three types of Biblical baptisms and prays for those who want to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

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