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Special Guest Michael Jr.
Michael Jr. - January 14, 2018

Message Recap

This Sunday, we were blessed to have comedian Michael Jr. present the message.  He explained how set-ups and punchlines work in the comedy business. The set-up is when a comedian uses his talents and resources to make sure that his audience is moving in the same direction with him. The punchline is when the comedian changes that direction in an unexpected way.  When you catch onto the change, you receive the punchline and the results are revelation, fulfillment and joy expressed through laughter. That is how comedy works.

Life works in a similar manner. In life you are given a set-up and a punchline. Your set-up is about what you have been given. Your set-up is your family, your friends, your home, your talents and resources. Your punchline is about what you are called to deliver. If you know your set-up, but you do not know your punchline, you will realize that something is missing. In order to fulfil this, sometimes people think that they need more set-up (if I could just get married, if I could just buy another house, if I just had that, etc.). What you really need to know is what your punchline is, or what you are called to do.

The key to knowing your punchline, is to know the voice of the one who knows your set-up and punchline, Jesus. Jesus knows your set-ups and your punchlines. He is ready for you to deliver; but you have to hear His voice.

For more information on Michael Jr, click here to visit his website.

This Message

In this message, special guest Michael Jr. explains how God has given each of us resources and talents and has called us to use them to do something in His kingdom.

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