Part 4

Generosity Metaphor

Thanks & Giving - Part 4, Generosity Metaphor

Miles McPherson - November 18, 2018
This 5-part series reveals how being generously thankful can produce spiritual, emotional, financial, and relational healing. In Part 4, Pastor Miles reviews the Biblical account of the Feeding of Five Thousand to illustrate how God exponentially multiplies what we give.
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Messages in this Series

Thanks & Giving - Part 1, I'm So Blessed

Miles McPherson · Oct 28, 2018

Thanks & Giving - Part 2, I Appreciate You

Miles McPherson · Nov 4, 2018

Thanks & Giving - Part 3, Generosity Multiplier

Miles McPherson · Nov 11, 2018

Thanks & Giving - Part 4, Generosity Metaphor

Miles McPherson · Nov 18, 2018

Thanks & Giving - Part 5, Generosity First

Miles McPherson · Nov 25, 2018

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