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All In

Pastor Miles McPherson

Fifteen years ago Rock Church began an extraordinary journey to establish Pervasive Hope in San Diego County and around the world. Our mission was and still is simple—to save, equip, and send. Since opening our doors, more than eighty thousand people have surrendered their lives to Jesus through our ministries and we’ve only just begun!

Our country is changing. In many ways we have turned our back on God and the sad truth is, that in walking away from God, we are actually walking toward pain and destruction. Yet in God’s mercy, He has uniquely positioned Rock Church to be here at this time and this place in history. As the days grow darker, we will have an opportunity to shine brighter in all that He has for us to do. He has called Rock Church to be a place of hope, as people discover that a life without God, is hopeless.

Imagine if God brought us to a new place of unity, greater freedom, and generosity toward one another? Think of what the next fifteen years could hold if we were all, ALL IN. How many more souls could be added to the Kingdom and healed? How many more lives could be touched and changed with the transforming power of Jesus? Are there ways God would want to use His church at this time in history, like never before? 

We believe that God has called the people of Rock Church, for such a time as this, to be ALL IN, inter-dependent, a Body flourishing with all of it’s working parts with Christ at the helm. Lone rangers never won the war. He is calling all of us to be ALL IN, together. In this 6-part series you’ll consider what it means to be ALL IN in every aspect of your life, moving beyond “life as usual” and equipped to make an investment in the eternally significant.