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Part 1, The Lost Attachment
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As Kingdom Warriors, God calls us to have a heart for the lost, a love for the church, a desire to reach the world, and compassion for the poor and hurting. We do that by giving ourselves away. There is a reason it feels so good to give; it is because we are being like God, the ultimate Giver. more...

In November 2015, Rock Church launched a two-year ALL IN initiative to propel Kingdom work in San Diego and around the globe. As this campaign came to a close, Pastor Miles shares all the ways you have made a difference, and challenges us to have an ALL IN Heart that God can continually use to accomplish His work.

In this 4-part series, Pastor Miles shares about the work that our outreach groups do around the community; hundreds of outreach ministries are establishing Pervasive Hope on every street to every person, daily!
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Messages in This Series

All In - Part 1, The Lost Attachment

Miles McPherson | Oct 22, 2017

All In - Part 2, Pay It Forward

Miles McPherson | Oct 29, 2017

All In - Part 3, Global - Outreach & Digital

Miles McPherson | Nov 5, 2017

All In - Part 4, The Face of Jesus

Miles McPherson | Nov 12, 2017

Right now counts forever. So do something.

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