At The Movies (2016)

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At The Movies (2016) - Part 1, The Blind Side
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At The Movies is a series based on the way films portray real life scenarios. A good side and an evil side are displayed in just about every movie. There is a moral dimension, which is unexplainable unless the audience can perceive there is a difference between good and evil.

The plot in a movie doesn’t just stop at the difference between good and evil, however, there is typically a war going on between the two. Often times, our own lives are marked by an inner battle between nobility and truth; victory and defeat. Before the movie even begins, the end is already written. God promises us conquest and triumph against famine and destruction. Many times, movies give us a reflection of our own lives and the real life scenarios we're living in, and there is almost always a battle going on. In each battle, the winner has already been appointed ahead of time.

At The Movies is a series about bringing into reality what our lives consist of, and learning how creation finds redemption at the end of every story.

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At The Movies (2016) - Part 1, The Blind Side

Marcus Preciado | Aug 14, 2016

At The Movies (2016) - Part 2, Jurassic World

Ricky Page | Aug 21, 2016

At The Movies (2016) - Part 3, Inside Out

Jason Mayer | Aug 28, 2016

At The Movies (2016) - Part 4, Star Wars

Mickey Stonier | Sep 4, 2016

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