At The Movies (2017)

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Part 1, Hidden Figures
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At the heart of every story, we find many of the same elements: a lovable protagonist, a malicious villain, an impossible circumstance, a hero, and a good rescue. Every good story told has the power to transport us to a different world, believing that we could actually be one of those characters in our own worlds. Ever wondered why? The heart of God can be found in every detail of our lives, weaving all of us together in a detailed story that always points back to His love (whether we realize it or not). more...
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Messages in This Series

At The Movies (2017) - Part 1, Hidden Figures

Mickey Stonier | Jul 2, 2017

At The Movies (2017) - Part 2, Eddie The Eagle

Travis Gibson | Jul 9, 2017

At The Movies (2017) - Part 3, Finding Dory

Ricky Page | Jul 16, 2017

At The Movies (2017) - Part 4, Remember The Titans

Darren Carrington | Jul 23, 2017