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Part 1, Woodlawn
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Movies have the capacity to transport us outside of our own worlds. They can help us escape our current circumstances or make us feel more understood. Many times, movies give us a reflection of our own lives and the real-life scenarios we're living in. more...

Have you ever watched a movie and realized there was a deeper meaning behind the story? What if we could use these movies as templates for dealing with various situations? In this message series, Pastor Miles uses scenes from the big screens in relation to the Bible and how God would guide us through our similar circumstances. We look at themes of relationships, preparation, miracles, unity, and more.

This 4-part series reveals how God sets up characters and situations in our lives, moves in our journey, and then restores us through His redemptive power of grace and forgiveness.
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Messages in This Series

At The Movies - Part 1, Woodlawn

Miles McPherson · Jun 30, 2019

At The Movies - Part 2, War Room

Miles McPherson · Jul 7, 2019

At The Movies - Part 3, Free Solo

Miles McPherson · Jul 14, 2019

At The Movies - Part 4, Heaven Is For Real

Miles McPherson · Jul 21, 2019

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