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Blessed - Part 1, The Money Metaphor
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In this 3-part series, Pastor Miles uncovers the miracles and freedoms that occur when we finally loosen our spiritual and physical grip on money.

Many of us view money as something to be vigorously attained and carefully kept. But true to form, Jesus turns the prevailing paradigm upside down. Money is not just one of many topics that Jesus addresses throughout his ministry. Money (or our greed for it) is the hottest topic in the Bible.

If the people of the time struggled with it, could we be any different?

Blessed will help you experience an overflow of God’s blessings on your life.

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Messages in This Series

Blessed - Part 1, The Money Metaphor

Miles McPherson | Apr 3, 2011

Blessed - Part 2, The Money Test

Miles McPherson | Apr 10, 2011

Blessed - Part 3, The Money Multiplier

Miles McPherson | Apr 17, 2011