Courtrooms Of Heaven

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Part 1, Order In The Court
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The Bible uses extravagant imagery to describe the courtrooms of Heaven. The prophet Daniel shared his vision of God the Father sitting on His throne which was a fiery flame, with steam coming forth from before Him with thousands upon thousands standing before Him. He says the court was seated and the books were opened (Daniel 7:9-10). more...

When we understand the courtrooms of Heaven, we will begin to have a more effective prayer life. Before we pray for something on earth, we need to receive a decision in the courtroom of Heaven. Sometimes our prayers aren’t being answered or we’re not receiving all of our blessings because of the legal right we have given to the enemy. When we understand the ways the accuser can block our blessings, we can begin taking back our legal rights in Heaven.

In this five-part series, Pastor Miles explains the depth of the courtrooms of Heaven in order to help you discover your kingdom destiny and how to live it out. Learn about what God has authored in your book, what the enemy wants to do to keep you from your calling, and how to overcome so you can carry out your God-given purpose.
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Messages in This Series

Courtrooms Of Heaven - Part 1, Order In The Court

Miles McPherson · Sep 22, 2019

Courtrooms Of Heaven - Part 2, Court Counsel

Miles McPherson · Sep 29, 2019

Courtrooms Of Heaven - Part 3, The Book

Miles McPherson · Oct 6, 2019

Courtrooms Of Heaven - Part 4, Satanic Agreements

Miles McPherson · Oct 13, 2019

Courtrooms Of Heaven - Part 5, Prayer Format - AWCIPA

Miles McPherson · Oct 20, 2019

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