Giving Up Christmas

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Part 1, Christmas Access
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Every year the decorations, the festive drinks, the shopping, and the craziness seems to start just a little bit sooner. What if this year, we gave up Christmas? What if this year, we kept Jesus on the throne where He belongs and didn’t allow the hustle and bustle of the season to have our focus? We become so easily distracted and consumed by our lists, traditions, and having the picture perfect holiday, that we often forget what Christmas is really all about. more...
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Messages in This Series

Giving Up Christmas - Part 1, Christmas Access

Miles McPherson | Dec 4, 2016

Giving Up Christmas - Part 2, Christmas Control

Miles McPherson | Dec 11, 2016

Giving Up Christmas - Part 3, Christmas Miracles

Miles McPherson | Dec 18, 2016

Giving Up Christmas - Part 4, Christmas

Miles McPherson | Dec 25, 2016