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In The Movies - Part 1, Exploring Character
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Have you ever watched a movie and realized there was a deeper meaning behind the story? In this new message series, we’ll see how God sets up characters and situations in our lives, moves in our journey, and then restores us through His redemptive power of grace and forgiveness.

You’ll learn that we are all characters in the movie of life, each of us experiencing drama, love, comedy, horror, and maybe even a little science fiction. Our journeys bind us together as our lives intersect, becoming part of God’s larger story and ultimately ending in a finale worth waiting for.
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Messages in This Series

In The Movies - Part 1, Exploring Character

Ricky Page | Aug 5, 2012

In The Movies - Part 2, Lessons from Daniel

Steve Goble | Aug 12, 2012

In The Movies - Part 3, Gospel Amnesia

Danny Quimlat | Aug 19, 2012

In The Movies - Part 4, The Most Important Part of the Movie

Ralph Winter | Aug 26, 2012