Kingdom Builders

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Part 1, The Kingdom Builder’s Heart
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Though we live on earth, as believers, our citizenship is in the Kingdom of God. Our true home is in the place where God rules, and it should be our desire to be a part of expanding God’s Kingdom throughout the world. The way we build the Kingdom in the places we are at is to seek the blessing of God for that place. This happens by first allowing God to rule in our hearts. Then, we continue to build the Kingdom of God in our house—in our personal life and in our relationships. From there, we can become Kingdom builders in our ‘hood—furthering God’s will in our neighborhoods and communities. more...
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Messages in This Series

Kingdom Builders - Part 1, The Kingdom Builder’s Heart

Miles McPherson | Nov 15, 2020

Kingdom Builders - Part 2, The Kingdom Builder's Home

Miles McPherson | Nov 22, 2020

Kingdom Builders - Part 3, The Kingdom Builder's Hood

Miles McPherson | Nov 29, 2020