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Kingdom Warrior - Part 1, The Warrior Mission
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We live in a world that is fighting for our attention. Society pulls us in different directions telling us what to feel, what to think, how to act, and who we are. Many of us have forgotten who God says we are. We have a difficult time hearing His voice above the chatter of the world and many of us have failed to walk in the identity that God has given us. Our world is desperate for hope; desperate to belong and to be known. God wants us, His people, to bring His hope to the lost and broken.

Will we choose wear the crowns God has already placed on our heads? Will we walk with Kingdom purpose? We are royalty. We are warriors. We are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Now is the time to take hold of the crown of glory Christ has waiting for us as we learn to fight the battle, wield His power, and walk with confidence in who He has called us to be.

This 9-part series examines scriptures that give us a look into God’s Kingdom and our place within it.


Heavenly Father, as a Kingdom Warrior my desire is to demonstrate the kingdom of God with my life, destroying the works of the devil.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I must have a clear understanding of my identity in Christ. My identity will dictate the authority and power you have given me.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I cannot fulfill my mission without the Spirit of God moving through my life. Therefore, Holy Spirit, I give You permission to fill me with a powerful anointing. Fall upon me and equip me as a warrior for the battle.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I must have a renewed mind in order to take every thought captive, dwelling only on thoughts that are acceptable to You.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I will create an atmosphere of faith by speaking life to everyone I meet.

As a Kingdom Warrior, I will review every situation from Your perspective, focusing on what You are doing more than Satan is doing.

As a Kingdom Warrior, my hands must carry the powerful anointing of God that breaks the spiritual chains on people’s lives.

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Messages in This Series

Kingdom Warrior - Part 1, The Warrior Mission

Miles McPherson | Aug 6, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 2, A Warrior's Identity

Miles McPherson | Aug 13, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 3, Kingdom Power

Miles McPherson | Aug 20, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 4, The #1 Weapon of the Warrior's Enemy

Miles McPherson | Aug 27, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 5, The Warrior's Mind

Miles McPherson | Sep 3, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 6, Unlikely Heroes

Ricky Page | Sep 10, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 7, The Words of a Warrior

Miles McPherson | Sep 24, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 8, A Warrior's Eyes and Hands

Miles McPherson | Oct 1, 2017

Kingdom Warrior - Part 9, Kingdom Warrior Worship

Miles McPherson | Oct 8, 2017

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