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Life Without Limbs

Pastor Miles McPherson

Special guest Nick Vujicic delivers an awe-inspiring message of hope.  Born without arms or legs, Nick has undoubtedly faced many challenges in his life, including depression and feelings of worthlessness.  But with Jesus as his Lord and Savior, Nick has conquered many obstacles and made has made himself available to God.  Infused with passion for the Gospel, Nick travels the world to share the love of Christ with anyone willing to listen.

No matter your current state or how hopeless you may feel about your future, God has a good plan for you and He can use you to make a difference in someone’s life if you are willing to obey.  Don’t live by the standards of the world.  God is the one who formed you, loves you, walks beside you, and has the power to equip you for a miraculous work of ministry.