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Part 1, In Marriage
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It is no secret that “love” is a popular theme in contemporary culture. Nearly every song on the radio has something to say about the topic, and there are countless television shows that are built around the concept of finding love in a few short weeks. The word “love” can also be used flippantly in everyday language. We “love” our favorite restaurants, we “love” our families, and we fall in and out of “love” romantically. With such a wide variety of definitions and popular culture shaping so much of the narrative surrounding “love”, it can be difficult for us to figure out what love actually is. more...
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Messages in This Series

Love Is - Part 1, In Marriage

Miles McPherson | Feb 14, 2021

Love Is - Part 2, In Singleness

Miles McPherson | Feb 21, 2021

Love Is - Part 3, In Parenting

Jason Mayer | Feb 28, 2021